Daddy Debut: What’s that leaking?


We have met Little Mama and her many adventures with her 8mth old Little Lord. If you have missed the journey you should really catch up, there have been some pretty interesting times such as;

  • The Bathtime disaster when she had to vacate abruptly, thankfully before she came face to face with a floater (yes, you know the type, yes apologies for the toilet humour- but in this case, it happened and baths are still avoided);
  • The time when she decided to have a covert Pyjama day or;
  • When Little Doggy and Little Mama went head to head in the Shower fiasco (go on Little Doggy, do your worst! But shhhhush!)


What about Little Daddy, he’s been awfully quiet, staying below the radar for fear of public targeting through Little Mama’s secret weapon- her blog! I wonder how many bloggers hold their significant other ransom via

their creative outlet- queue *photo where Little Daddy got peed on* joking– for now…


Setting the Scene

Sitting in the car, Little Daddy drove the long journey home. The Little Lord was only 4 months old, a baby who had a healthy appetite of the ‘boob’ variety. (And still does, he acts as if he’s starving and hasn’t fed in his life before if Little Mama is just a few minutes late in his regimented routine- that cute nickname, ‘The Little Lord’ suits him completely.) 

It had been a long journey, and Little Mama sat in the back with the Little Lord so they could be chauffeured together (in reality, to chill the baby out if he had a ‘Lord moment’, these days have since passed thankfully.) 

Little Mama had been (uncharacteristically) prepared, getting the expressed milk ready just encase his Lordship would need sustenance at an inopportune moment. Little Daddy continued the drive, tiring but keeping upbeat with a series of epic tunes of the ‘Lord approved’ variety, (the Little Lord has an appetite for all things R’n’b to his rocker parent’s dismay.)

The Potential Calamity

It was a mundane drive on the motorway, no scenery or countryside delights to entertain on the drive home when suddenly Little Daddy heard a peculiar sound;




Contemplating all possible scenarios, he worried that there may have been a mechanical fault with the car, perhaps a wheel bearing in the back rear right side? Not willing to take any risks especially with his miracle Little Lord in the back seat, he decided he would pull in at the next service station. In the meantime, he would consider his insurance and breakdown cover options if the worst was to occur, but he hadn’t quite fully explored ALL possible options.

The Whooosh and The Little Mama

He didn’t want to worry Little Mama but he decided to let her in on his thoughts. Raising the possibility of a fault, he was met with overwhelming laughter of the ‘I can’t breathe’ variety.

Pulling in to the service station he was met with quite a sight. It was Little Mama, tears of laughter in her eyes, boob in hand, expressing into the Little Lord’s bottle.

‘My boob was going to burst, I had to just get rid of it.’ Little Mama exclaimed. (Post with Tips for expressing coming soon, hopefully not in the car but needs must)

Little Daddy shocked at what he had just witnessed, particularly the stance and angling that Little Mama had managed, whilst trying to cover her dignity from passersby, could only applaud her efforts, whilst also relieved that the car wasn’t going to fall apart.


The Little (diva) Lord rouses awake, sensing and smelling milk in the air…

‘Boobie time already?’

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[Disclaimer- Blabbermama supports any method of feeding for baby, be it bottle or breast, public or private, any method that keeps the baba and mama happy]
If you need a giggle check out Breastfeeding Mama Talk – some hilarious memes but also advice as well! 

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37 thoughts on “Daddy Debut: What’s that leaking?

  1. That picture. And the disclaimer also made me chuckle too. Fab post #marvmondays

  2. Oh my word … too funny! But I’m impressed with your skills – a mumma has to do what a mumma has to do! #MarvMondays

    1. I’m glad I gave you a giggle, honestly the positioning I had to maintain was unbelievable, not my finest moment but you got it right, we have to do what we have to do! 🙂 Thanks for your comment

  3. I can relate to this so much! Hand expressing in a car park at a wedding while hubby went to search for some batteries for the breast pump – not my finest hour but better than being in pain!! When you gotta go, you gotta go! #marvmondays

    1. Your so right, when you gotta go, you haven’t got the choice, I’ve had a few less than pristine moments hand expressing but it’s really saved my bacon (and my boobs!) Thanks for commenting!

  4. Aba

    Hilarious! Such a funny post love the way you write!x

    1. Thank you I’m so glad you enjoyed 🙂 x

    2. Thank you I’m glad I made you laugh 🙂 x

  5. The things we do once we have children, huh? I love the photo of Little Lord, it made me giggle #MarvMondays

    1. His many poses really make me laugh. Glad I made you giggle 🙂 thanks for commenting!

  6. Haha brilliantly told – I admire your improvisation skills! Fab post x #marvmondays

    1. Thank you! I did resemble a contorted figure hiding in the back seat but got the job done! 🙂 x

  7. Ha ha, I was not sure where you were going with this, expertly told! 🙂 #MarvMondays

  8. organisedjo

    Great post! Made me chuckle, and quodos to you for even contemplating expressing in a moving car! #MarvMondays

    1. I know I look back on it now and it makes me laugh, it felt like a life or death situation, express this boob or it’ll explode type of thing haha glad I made you laugh- thanks for your comment 🙂

    2. blabbermama

      I know thankfully the road was smooth! Could’ve been a messy business! Thanks for commenting

  9. Haha, brilliant, this’ll be me soon for sure, I’ve no doubt! Mama’s gotta do what a Mama’s gotta do. Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo

    1. The things Mama’s have to do! 🙂 if you do have a breast expressing car scenario you have to let me know! Thanks for commenting xx

    2. blabbermama

      Too true, it’s a mum’s prerogative to multi-task, have a million things to do, and always seem to run out of time! Not long now, on the final stint! Thanks for commenting x

  10. haha fantastic! what a storyteller you are 😀 #MarvMondays

    1. blabbermama

      Thank you as always 😀

  11. Haha this is brilliantly, my OH (and many others for that matter) had to witness many an in opportune expressing moment. Hazard of the job I fear xx #marvmondays

    1. blabbermama

      I could probably have a blog completely focused on inopportune expressing moments, honestly I seem to attract strange and wonderful situations! Haha thanks for commenting

  12. shaunaceyb

    Lol that’s hilarious

    1. blabbermama

      Thanks 😀

  13. alisonlonghurst

    Haha oh dear – poor daddy, shocking him like that! I know exactly what you mean about the other half and the blog. Mine would rather hide, but does of course feature from time to time, cue eyeball roll from him!

    1. blabbermama

      I’m easing hubby into the spotlight, with bribery mostly but it seems to be working! Although he’s always suspicious when the phone comes out and the camera is aimed!

  14. So funny! I had similar type scenario’s quite a few types (much to the shock of a few passersby) but what can you do – it hurts! #stayclassymama

    1. blabbermama

      It does hurt! What consoles me is that usually it happens outside my local area so I’ll never see the passersby again!

  15. Hahaha this has happened to me plentyyyy of times, although not exactly the same story I swear to God everytime I have to express SOMEONE walks in on me. It’s like they know their is milk around the corner and they just HAVE to be there. One particularly embarrassing moment was in a unisex bathroom at a club in East London, luckily I had a few drinks and just yelled “I’m Breastpumping in here!” I really like the photo, “Milk?” That should defo be spread around the web. I can imagine how difficult it must be to express with your hand in the back seat of a car whilst driving! Hahah Thanks for sharing with #StayClassyMama!

    1. blabbermama

      Nothing worse than someone walking in on you trying to express! I always do the quick top fumble and try and put the boob away but sure it goes everywhere and milk is all around the show! Multi-tasking at it’s best haha thanks for commenting

  16. A Mum’s got to do what a Mum’s got to do. There’s nothing more painful than boobs filled to bursting point. Love the original breast pump photo; no electric required and probably how it all came about in the first place!


    1. blabbermama

      I agree completely, although thankfully electric breastpumps were created to save some time! Haha Thanks for commenting!

  17. That’s so funny, I wasn’t expecting to read that you were expressing in the car. What a relief it must have been knowing that it wasn’t the car making the noise. Thank you for linking up to the #dreamteam xx

    1. blabbermama

      I know, there are some weird places I’ve had to express! But thankfully, they are becoming few and far between. Thanks for your comment 🙂 x

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