Showers, babies and dogs don’t mix and here’s why…

Starring: Little Mama, Little Lord

Cameo roles: Little Daddy, Post Man, Little Dog

The Little Smelly Mama had successfully placed her 7 month old son, the Little Lord, in his cot and he was happily in the land of nod. The monitor was set, the white noise was primed and his bedroom was positively cosy and exuded relaxation. She tiptoed to the shower, being extra quiet by sneaking through the hall just encase the Little Lord pulled a prank and decided to ‘surprise’ Little Mama with a #cotbang and #doublecotkick she entered the shower, she glanced at the controls momentarily forgetting how to use the taps as it had been awhile. The monitor was on loud and in sight, as she felt the rush of warm water splash on her back.

The Little Mama felt apprehensive, there was always the potential that the Little Lord could stir and waken from his slumber pit, defying his usually trusty nap times. Little Mama continued to lather up, making sure that she would be Little Clean Mama, if only for a few minutes before the onslaught of baby, pets and daily grind ensured that the cleanliness was only momentary. Scrubbing and washing away, choosing to use shampoo AND conditioner, (Little Mama must have been feeling extra confident today) she was able to put some silkiness back into her long suffering locks which had often been tugged, ‘lovingly’, by Little Lord. She still hadn’t scheduled that hair appointment yet.

The Little Mama had chosen the first nap to attempt her long awaited shower. But she had forgotten that Little Daddy had decided to make some online purchases to deter the Little Lord from all things dangerous and potentially unfriendly to babies- known as baby proofing equipment. This tat all important and necessary equipment had decided to show up today, and of course, a signature was required.

If you have read Little Mama’s PJ day you will know that Little Mama has been thwarted before in her attempts of comfort by the Post Man, well on this occasion. Little Mama decided to stay in the shower and refused to budge. Here here!


Little Mama hadn’t considered the fact that the Post Man is committed to the delivery of his post, and rang the door bell, which sounds annoyingly loud, (especially with a sleeping Lord) a total of THREE times. Little Mama held her breath, wiped the steam from the shower door and peered at the video monitor, waiting, hoping, that the Little Lord hadn’t heard such persistent methods of delivery.

The monitor flashed on, he stirred, moving his head, he turned onto his belly…and stayed asleep.

HOOOORAY!…The relief from Little Mama was clearly apparent as she continued in her triumph of the shower, silently cursing the Post Man, just for doing his job.

That was until Little Dog decided to get in on the action and pretend he was a big dog (not the small breed Yorkie that he is) and bark to ‘protect’ the home from the threatening Post Man.

Clearly a major threat to any intruder

The Tally

Little Mama: SUCCESS, shower was taken, she was no longer smelly but could’ve done with a few more minutes to dry all areas before tending to Little Lord

Little Lord: GRIZZLY, needed more sleep, heard furry creature with 4 legs, was going to attempt to eat tail later

Little Dog: SUCCESS, had thwarted potentially life threatening burglary situation with loud and incessant barking, his Humanoid Owners would be so proud

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0 thoughts on “Showers, babies and dogs don’t mix and here’s why…

  1. Haha this made me laugh! Our dog goes CRAZY at the postman, literally will not stop barking! Not just the postman, but the doorbell too! We’ve now had to ask any visitors to ring us to let us know they are at the door, to avoid the doorbell melt down, so now every time our phone rings the dog goes crazy at that too! He’s not stupid!! #momsterslink

    1. Haha Oooo dear, my dogs are OK with letters coming through the door, and most visitors, but they seem to sense the postman when he rings the doorbell, it’s such a cliche that they seem to dislike the postman. I never used to mind, but now with the Little Lord it’s often a daily battle to get to the door quickly before the bell is even rung! Dogs are so smart. Thanks for commenting!

      1. Yep same here, I could have throttled him for the number of times that he woke a sleeping baby!!! xx

  2. Do you sometimes feel the postman was waiting down the street for a silent cue from the shower police? I do! I think there is a vicious scheme in place to prevent all mothers from having a shower in peace, or sitting down for that matter. I swear to God there is an alarm in my son’s bedroom which is triggered by my backside hitting the sofa! Congratulations on managing both shampoo and conditioner. #winningatlife 🙂

    1. I do too! The postman has a 6th sense about these things and general states of undress! Haha I agree with the alarm. They plot as they sleep to keep us on our toes. I find when the kettle finishes boiling and I’m just about to pour that cuppa tea I am anyways thwarted! Thanks for commenting you made me smile

  3. I felt for you every second of this story. The damn doorbell! Why did we even install one I have asked myself many times, and why oh why are postmen so persistent? You deliver mail all day every day. Come back another time! I’m glad you managed to get a fast shower in though as it is a life changing event when not having had a chance for some time. LOL. Awesome post!

    1. Aww I know I’ve often thought about disabling the door bell! Haha my most honed skill now is being able to shower in less than no time even when daddy is around- I’ve just got used to it. And thank for for the compliment about the format 🙂 I love writing and it helps when it gives people a giggle and they like it too. Thanks for reading!

  4. Oh! And I love the format you have taken on your posting. Will be checking out some more!

  5. This happens to me on the regular. The mail delivery people seem to wait until I am in the shower before bringing anything to the door. The dog (a normally jovial lab) attacks the door with a frenzy she saves just for the door knocking and there goes nap time. #momsterslink

    1. It seems to be an epidemic! My two yorkies are tiny and spend their days lounging on the sofa usually asleep and not fussed about anything until the door bell goes. RIP to all the lost naps out there! Thanks for commenting today 🙂

  6. I don’t have a dog but I am certain all delivery men turn up either when I am feeding and have my boobs out or when I am about to shower. They just know!!! I am pleased you managed to get clean though haha, always feels like a win!

    1. This is so true. It’s always the way when your in a state of undress! But it definitely was a result to at least be clean if only for a few minutes! Thanks for commenting!

  7. I used to have a little note above the doorbell that read “DO NOT RING BELL!!!! BABY SLEEPING” …and luckily my dog is not a big barker….she growls. At least you got part of a shower in … I remember those days of just wanting to take a shower without feeling rushed. Thanks so much for linking up with #momsterslink

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