About Blabbermama


‘What day is it? What time is it? What season?…No wait hold on we live in the UK, it’s perpetually cold and raining!’

Emerging from the fog and haze of never-ending wakefulness,(for her son the Little Lord, doesn’t let Little Mama sleep), she stumbles over to find on her bedroom side table, her mobile device which has been her lifeline. She loads up Google and enters her most recent parenting query…



‘Baby has *insert colour* type of poo, is this normal?’

‘When will baby sleep through the night?’

‘How many cups of coffee qualifies as an overdose?’

The Introduction

I’m the Little Mama, Stef, I’m married to my husband, Little Daddy and we have our beautiful son, the Little Lord who exhibits a range of different characters from a Texas Holdem’ genius too his most recent appointment as the new Bond, didn’t you know we have a spy in our mist?


Who are you?

I’m a young Mama in her mid-twenties based in England, UK but originally from Northern Ireland.

I work in the professional services industry as a Business Analyst.

Why Blog?

I created this blog as a way to hone my writing skills, I’ve always wanted to write fiction and hope that I can find my ‘voice’ and ‘writing style’ through my blog. If not- this blog will make excellent material for when the Little Lord decides to get married!


The Reader’s aim

I’m trying to navigate being a first time mother, and I have found that in the process of finding our feet as parents, it’s always good to have a giggle at the journey so far. You, the reader, are tasked to;

  • Enjoy our stories and hopefully relate to the mayhem that is parenthood!
  • Remember that the time we have with our kids when they are young is fleeting, so embrace every pooey, tantrumy and sleepless second!


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