Baby Crawling Saga: The Little Cruiser Lord Part I

The Little engine had been filled up with fuel, the ignition was engaged and raring to go. Looking in all directions to ensure the coast was clear, the Little Cruiser Lord revved up and put his foot on the gas. It was time, he was ready to cruise.

The Qualifying Lap

Finally, after several weeks of trying and the frustration building, the Little Cruiser Lord was getting close to crawling. He was being taunted relentlessly with delectable toys that were just out of his reach, even his trusty rattle had evaded him. He looked aghast at the journey he would have to travel, for what seemed like the length of the Sahara desert, across the living room he would need to make his perilous journey, unaided, with no help from the pit-stop parents who seemed to goad him from a distance. Of course, in the mind of the parents, the distance was just the length of a ruler away, but that didn’t lessen the Little Cruiser Lord’s plight.

Arms up supporting his weight, knees tucked under and risen to put his Little bum in the air he was ready to make for his journey, for it would surely take several hours to finally reach his rattle, and once he had his rattle there was absolutely no way he was going to give that up again. It wasn’t happening.

The pit-stop parents just sat on the sidelines, observing, sometimes they smiled just to provoke him, or worse still, they shook the rattle as if it were so easy to just travel the distance of the desert. The pit-stop parents clearly hadn’t noticed that the Little Cruiser Lord would need new tires and modifications to complete such a treacherous journey.

The Mechanical Fault

In the ‘on’ position the Little Cruiser Lord began trying to crawl, but the car wouldn’t move. He had recently, just the previous night, downloaded some modifications and upgrades to the car, and he had practiced in his slumber pit, but now when he needed them to work, he just couldn’t make the distance. Perhaps he hadn’t followed the instructions properly, but this was unlikely, as the Little Cruiser Lord knew his specifications and had worked out all the mathematical equations to make his first journey a success. The Little Cruiser Lord fumed, the only possible explanation was faulty parts, that seller was definitely getting bad feedback!

Rocking to and fro with the ignition on, the Little Cruiser Lord tried as hard as he could to make the rattle, but the fuel quickly sapped from the car. It seemed there might have been a leak, he would have to take the car in overnight and get some work done and try again tomorrow. He had edged forward, just by the smallest margin, but victory it seemed, would be another day.

Pit-stop parents to the rescue

The pit-stop parents sprung into action once they seen the fuel had nearly all drained, and gave him his trusty rattle, there would be no way he would let it out of his sight again. It was even dry of slobber, as it had laid unused and unloved for at least 5 minutes.

What’s this? Mummy has a book, The Little Lord loves a good book!

*Drops rattle* and the saga continued…

[Part II here, please also see The Little Wrestler Lord’s Nappy Training Regime for when crawling will result in a re-match]

For information on the signs/ stages of crawling please see this source which also provides some tips on baby proofing.

I’d love to hear your first crawling stories, get in touch!


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0 thoughts on “Baby Crawling Saga: The Little Cruiser Lord Part I

  1. Awwww what a cutie!! I’m such a terrible Mummy but I cant really remember mine all starting to crawl, when you’ve got four of them they all kind of merge into one!!! I do know that my youngest was the slowest to crawl, I guess he didn’t see the point when the other three would run around after him! #BloggerClubUK

    1. Thank you 🙂 my little boy definitely likes to flash a smile to gain cute points! Your not terrible at all, I’ve just the one at the moment but when siblings come along I’m sure I’ll be calling them by each others names etc. It’s the way of the world! #mummybrainforthewin

  2. So adorable! What a gorgeous little guy. Love the car analogy, very clever. My little boy is a little bit behind this, he’s sort of got the strength and position to crawl but can’t move yet. He’s not quite 6 months so I wouldn’t mind if it takes him a bit longer!! I was the youngest of 4, mum reckons I was trying to catch up with the others as I crawled at 4 months and walked at 8 months!! #BloggerClubUK

  3. Becky, Cuddle Fairy

    This is so cute. The life of babies can be quite difficult when things don’t go your way! At least there’s always something to be distracted by around the corner! Thanks so much for linking up with #BloggerClubUK – sorry for the comment delay, I had no electricity & hence no wifi yesterday.

  4. What a cutie! I remember mine trying to crawl like it was yesterday. They were so determined and then into everything. Now they walk and talk and I wish I could go back to when all they did was eat and sleep lol. Thanks so much for linking up with #momsterslink and being understanding in my delay in commenting 😘

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