My baby is having a love affair without me!


Little Mama couldn’t believe it, could it be true? Could her son already have his first love? Little Mama thought she had years to wait. She thought it would be long into the future, when her 9 month old Little Lord would bring home his first love, (after Mummy and Daddy of course) 

But no…

It appears they start young these days, and the Little Lord established his first love right in front of the noses of Little Mama and Little Daddy. A whirlwind romance, a dalliance in front of their eyes. Blossoming and new.

With a pang of jealousy, Little Mama accepted her son’s choice of first love, although it came quickly and without warning, she was happy that he had chosen so well.

They often say that love and hate is a fine line, a balance to be struck. An emotion felt so strongly that it can swing across that line.

At the beginning of the Little Lord’s fresh new relationship, it could be said that the relationship was plagued by trouble, warring emotions and it resembled the status of mere acquaintances rather than the lovers they profess to be now. You have seen this relationship before [here] but we never thought it would become love, did we? The Little Lord had previously tried to recruit his love during his previous Baby Bond days [here] but it failed, and his love literally past him by, completely unnoticed. Did you miss the video? It’s 3 seconds of brilliance below;

Let Little Mama make the introductions, world meet Little Doggy- the first love of the Little Lord.


You may think this looks normal, that there is nothing to see here, but initially their relationship had been frosty, the Little Doggy had been usurped unceremoniously by the Little Lord’s arrival. And so, there was a period of much needed acclimatising whilst the pack was re-ordered, and the Little Lord took his throne in the family.

Now, these terrible twosome cannot be separated! Love does not fully cover the depth of their new relationship- absolute filth!

Going in for the smooch

So, if you have a pet that you need to introduce to your baby (and vice versa) here are a few handy Little Mama tips!

How to introduce your baby and dog

  1. Give your pet attention when you can, something is better than nothing! It can be hard after having your baby, to give your pet any sort of attention, you have so little time now, another person depends on you for survival but if/when your baby sleeps, try and pet, treat or cuddle your pet. A minute can be everything to your pet pooch.
  2. Less attention is expected but ease your pet into the sudden change. After all, your pet does have to get used to some degree of less tentative care, instead of this happening suddenly, (where your pet may blame the new arrival) it’s a good idea to set some expectations and boundaries before baby is born.
  3. Introduce slowly, calmly and via another person if possible. When your new arrival comes home from the hospital, if your pet favours you, have someone else bring baby in, greet your pet calmly and slowly introduce your baby, if your pet gets excited or shows unfavourable behaviour, separate and try again in a few moments when things have calmed.
  4. Introduce baby’s scent. Before bringing baby home from hospital it can help to have the baby’s scent on a blanket and introducing that scent to pooch at home before the introduction occurs.
  5. New restrictions or commands should be taught before baby comes, is your pet suddenly not allowed in a room, on the sofa, on your lap etc? Then implement before baby comes, it’ll make life easier when your knee deep in nappies, wipes, sleepless nights and everything else!
  6. Establish and re-affirm your leader status, you are the pet’s owner, you are the leader of the pack and a new leader is about to enter the pecking order. Use authority and make sure your pet follows through on your commands.
  7. Teach your baby how to behave around your pet, it is NEVER too early to teach your baby to be gentle, to prevent certain behaviours around your pet. Tail pulling, hair yanking, attempted mouthfuls of fur, poking etc. Your baby is exploring and these behaviours are normal, but your pet isn’t used to this onslaught of attention- help the transition.
  8. Always be mindful, monitor your pet’s behaviour, your baby comes first, if you notice any undesirable behaviours which cannot be prevented by training, even with a professional, then it may be time to find your pet a child-free home.
  9. Sit back and watch this wonderful relationship nurture and grow, at the beginning, Little Doggy avoided my son, but now they can be found (usually on the sofa) having a smooch, pet and cuddle. I credit Little Doggy for helping my son crawl. At this stage, it can be a wonderful treat to get your baby to give your pet a treat, under supervision of course!

Did you find this helpful? Do you have a romance blossoming or perhaps the relationship is currently strained? Let me know! Like me on Facebook and follow us on Instagram, our pictures are cute and you get a first glimpse in our upcoming posts!

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3 thoughts on “My baby is having a love affair without me!

  1. Lou

    Such a sweet post and so great for children to get used to pets but like you I was always teaching our babies to be careful with the dogs and respectful, they enrich their lives so much. Thanks for this post #Dreamteam

  2. Aww this is so cute! My little girl is obsessed with dogs at the moment and runs over them in the park. It makes me really nervous and difficult because she’s not yet old enough to understand to be gentle with animals. Thanks for linking your fab post to #dreamteam xx
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