Baby Milestones: Baby talks back! The beginning…

The 8 month old Little Lord sat, peering at Little Daddy, clearly he was contemplating some serious baby business. He had been thrashing around among PVC City, did the usual mad dash towards remote control tower and gave a cheeky glance towards forbidden TV corner- before he was able to navigate his cheeky little vessel over to illuminated TV corner and perhaps cause the lights to ominously ‘go out’, he decided he wanted to be heard- and no, not the usual baby babble that we had been increasingly hearing- this baby could now talk.

The highly coveted remote control

Little Mama sat in the corner having a coronary over how fast her Little Lord was growing, first crawling (when he accomplished his Bond mission and entered Spy Academy), then full blown teething of the HULK SMASH variety, recently standing– yes- standing, (sit your baby butt down MR!) and now he was talking?! Poor Little Mama wiped her brow as she watched the scene unfold.

But what would be the Little Lord’s first words? This topic had been contentious, with both Little Mama and Little Daddy thinking that Little Doggy, who is aptly named ‘Nemo’ (yes, the fish, long story) would possibly be his first word after many times of trying to placate Little Doggy from thinking the world may end when the Postman arrives. (Turns out, Little Doggy see’s the Postman as a potential life threatening situation that he must alert everyone about at once, constantly, incessantly, especially when the Little Lord slumbers.) So yes, a variation of ‘Nemo’ we thought, would be poetic, given how vocal our strong and mighty tiny Yorkie is…

But no…


Signs your Baby is ready to Talk

  1. Baby babbling starts to sound suspiciously formed, the noises are more pronounced with vowel sounds emerging, the Little Lord likes to give the odd ‘tutt’ here and there as well
  2. Attempts to have a conversation with you, obviously using baby babbling, enjoys the to and fro of noise
  3. Squeals of delight or baby strop (think Hulk action here)
  4. Grunting, now this one is hilarious given the situation, the Little Lord likes to grunt in the supermarket, meaning he’s just had an epicly timed poo. Although grunting can also rear it’s head when the mood becomes petulant (think bottom lip plumped out and eyes growing watery because of the removal of dog’s tail from mouth)
  5. Growls, yes, the Little Lord likes to release his inner doggy. And yes, he does this in the quiet of the doctor’s surgery whilst waiting for appointments, and yes, many do stare at the cute baby that’s running through his entire vocal range…
  6. Different types of laughter and amusement, the laughter when the Little Lord gets tickled is very different from the laughter when Little Mama unleashes her amazing beat boxing skills.

And so, it can be revealed that his first words were and continue to be (on repeat, especially when prompted, much like a parrot);


Little Daddy sits smugly on the seat with his miniature right by his side, chanting mutterings of ‘Dada’ all day long.

But wait…

You may feel sorry for Little Mama, even she had felt pangs of jealousy, but rest assured, when that early morning wake up call happened the very next day. As the first hint of sun (who am I kidding- sun?! Perpetual rain more like) and the song of birds broke the quiet stillness of the night, the small but rising voice echoed across the hall shouting ‘Dadadada’.

Little Mama smiled and slept on- that’s my boy!

The Tally

Little Lord- Triumphant– full of jubilation, this is only the beginning

Little Daddy- Triumphant also, until the reality of early morning ‘crows’ began to dawn

Little Mama- Slightly huffy, but secretly knew the Little Lord would soon have a full vocabulary, enjoying extra zzz’s

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18 thoughts on “Baby Milestones: Baby talks back! The beginning…

  1. The Popple is also stuck on dadadadada – she tries out other sounds occasionally, but dada is her clear favourite. EVERYTHING is dada – me, the cat, her shoes, etc. Not a fan of mama. #stayclassymama

    1. My way of thinking is it’s easier to say plus he loves the reaction he gets when he says dada. He’s said Mama a few times since but it just doesn’t stick. Thanks for commenting! 🙂

  2. I love the audio and the pic as well! Your little man is such a babe. Grunting when he does a poo? Interesting. Mine tends to keep quiet unless it’s a big one and he really wants to get changed. Dirty boys! #momsterslink.

    1. I can’t explain the grunting either- i second the dirty boys! Not a day goes by when he doesn’t need a bath, even though it’s his routine we wouldn’t actually be able to miss a bath. Thanks for your comment 😀

  3. alisonlonghurst

    I couldn’t get the audio to work 🙁 I’m in suspense! A funny post even without it though. Daughter 2’s first word was ‘pub’! Alison x #momsterslink

    1. Awww nooooooooo! I’m sorry the audio doesn’t work for you, it’s daddy saying “dada” once and the little lord going ‘dadadadada’ on repeat- once you start him off it’s hard to stop him. Love your daughter’s first word! Wouldn’t mind a bit of pub myself! Thanks for commenting 🙂

  4. mwahahahahahaha! My boy calls us both Daddy. I think he just figures we both do the same thing, why waste energy on another name.

    1. I agree. My boy is ‘dada’ on the brain. I do take advantage of his ability to say ‘dada’ though. Like- husband, the boy is looking you, *rolls over in bed* haha thanks for commenting!

  5. It’s so lovely when they start chatting! Even when it doesn’t make sense! #fortheloveofblog xx

    1. This little man has certainly found his voice 😀 thanks for commenting! Xx

  6. Haha! My sons first word was dada too. It’s easier to say so I didn’t take it personally. He is 18 months and still only has maybe 7 words but he does loads of babbling! #fortheloveofblog

    1. I agree dada is easier to say. I’ve no doubt that when he learns Mama it’ll be on constant and repeat! Thanks for commenting 😀

  7. My sons first word was ‘GO’ but Dada was a close second! Typical isn’t it? LOL #stayclassymama

    1. So typical! Dada in the brain. He’s starting to say Mama now he’s got it sussed, he only pulls that trick out when dinner time is near! Thanks for commenting!

  8. Oh I remember the days of longing for mine to say their first words and now at 4,5 and 6 I just want them to BE QUIET FOR 5 MINUTES! And all 3 of mine said dada first. ALL 3! But mommy hangs the moon now…they rarely care if daddy is even in the room. Thanks for linking with #momsterslink :))

    1. He’s started with the Mama babbles now- it starts getting interesting from now on! ‘5 minutes quiet’ will be a long forgotten thing! 🙂

  9. Ohhh he is such a cutie! Those cheeks! I think it’s about time for Sophie to start talking as she is doing all of those signs above. I think we will never shut her up once she starts though (like her Mum lol) Thanks for sharing on #fortheloveofBLOG x

    1. blabbermama

      This is so true, the Little Lord showed all the signs of talking and now he’s properly going through his vocal range, says mama and dada now, hardly get a word in edgewise! 🙂 thanks for commenting x

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