Best of the Blab#2

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Best of the Blab#2

Best of the Blab [BotB] is back again, this is our second post highlighting a few of the blogging greats over the last two weeks. Check out the last edition of BotB here! There have been some really great posts so this edition has been a hard pick!

BotB- Ruthlessly Funny and Unapologetic

Alison at Mad House Mum for the wonderful Just a bunch of disenchanted narcissistic trolls, I have been following Alison’s blog for quite a while now, in the many linky’s I join, if I see a post from her I always go and check it out (and so should you!). Her writing is honest and straight to the point. Many posts come to mind, such as her fruitless fruit bowl and a certain post about whether granny should get her t*ts out. Intrigued? Read about granny here.

The post I am choosing to showcase covers a variety of topics, from selfies, pregnancy, the Beckham kiss and much more. I really did want to high five Alison for this post- and that hasn’t happened before. Unapologetic in hitting the points, there is no holding back.

BofB- Nostalgia and Fond Memories

Bridie at Bridie by the Sea for Our First Date Disaster. I stumbled upon Bridie’s blog a month ago and haven’t looked back since. I relate to her writing, and her v-logs! The first post I think I really clicked with Bridie was her v-log about Britmums Live, I wasn’t even going, but I found her endearing as she was nervous and worrying about the little details- see here.

The post I have decided to showcase explores Bridie’s first date with her partner and how even when things don’t go to plan, it all came together quite nicely at the end! It got me thinking about my first date with my husband and the dreaded first meet with parents as well. A touch of nostalgia that brightened up my day.

BotB- Spreading the Empowerment for all

Jade at The Parenting Jungle for Did I make a boob? Breastfeeding and me. I’m an avid fan of Jade’s blog, her posts always catch my eye on my twitter feed, Spiderman onesies [here], book reviews, Mummy style and much more her blog has something to sit down with a cup of tea and read. (Who am I kidding, your probably a parent, make that a cold cup of tea!)

The post I decided to showcase is empowering for all mums, we have all read baby feeding posts before, and it can be frustrating when either breastfeeding or formula feeding is portrayed in a negative light. Jade does a fabulous job discussing her experience with breastfeeding and formula feeding. I think what makes this a BotB pick is the genuine and authentic voice from Jade which isn’t marred by debates of old.

BotB- Beautiful Story telling

Cathryn at Little Paper Swans for [Baby] Edith’s Birth Story. I love finding new blogs, I find them through an array of different mediums and sources, however finding Cathryn’s took me quite by surprise! It was a tweet exchange that got me interested in the person behind the tweet. I re-posted my very first blog post on how I found out I got pregnant [here]. My husband kept my positive pregnancy test as a memento and from there Cathryn tweeted me to say we had that same sentimentality in common.

Cathryn’s blog is very eye-catching, she has regular posts on birth stories, and recipes with food budget lists, currently there is a Spinach and Bacon Mac n’ Cheese Recipe that looks pretty darn good [here]

The post I decided to showcase is her birth story about her daughter Edith, I love reading birth stories if I’m in the mood, sometimes I do get bored easily, but this isn’t the case with Cathryn’s writing, it draws you in and keeps you interested for her entire journey.


These blogs all have vivid imagery in common, this could be by pictures, story telling, videos, they all capture my attention and keep me gripped with their message. Inspiring posts that show their flourishing talents as bloggers.

If you wish to be considered for BotB, get in touch, I am always looking to find new blogs to read!


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3 thoughts on “Best of the Blab#2

  1. I’m feeling very honoured to have been featured here and you have said some amazing things about my blog – thank you. It’s also lovely reading about the other talented bloggers you have featured. Brilliant 🙂 Alison x
    Alison (MadHouseMum) recently posted…Love Island: The Nation’s Moral CompassMy Profile

    1. You are very welcome Alison, 🙂 you are right- so many talented bloggers out there, I love reading the different posts, but I especially like a strong voice with a good opinion which is what I think your blog covers really well 🙂 Keeping going! Stef x
      blabbermama recently posted…Parenting: Is your baby a predator? [VLOG]My Profile

  2. Thanks so much for linking to #inspireflourish! x
    Kate Tunstall recently posted…10 Fun Things to Do With a Cardboard BoxMy Profile

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