The Hangover: Babies and booze-Who invented wine anyway?!

Is a wine hangover the worst possible hangover you can get? Quite possibly! Then add in some baby mayhem and it’s a whole other experience.


Little Mama sat anxiously, fidgeting on the sofa, she was experiencing the final stretch of what she refers to as ‘The Parenting Witching Hour’ (read [here]) where children are cranky and are on the wind down from dinner time. However, today was different, it wasn’t just going to be the normal bed routine followed by Little Mama conked out on the sofa, ingloriously spread in her pyjamas (that probably had jam on them, it’s happened [here] before) opening heavy eyes watching her fix of the latest shows that caught her eye, with a grizzly Little Daddy who lay in much the same pose. No, not tonight, as Little Mama was heading out to wine and dine (more) wine.

Famous last words:

‘I’m just going to have a couple, see how everyone is then come home again.’

Or even better: ‘I might just have a cuppa tea instead, I might not even touch the wine!’

Well, what you don’t know about this Little Mama, is when she lets loose, unfortunately, she likes to revert back to ‘pre-pregnancy party princess’ (4 P’s) mode, much to the hungover Little Mama’s disgust the very next day, she has since tasked herself to initiate the use of her coding skills and tone down the 4 P’s mode, but alas, she cannot find the disable button!

So, Little Mama finally put the 9 month old Little Lord to bed, of course he raved for around 20 minutes before he finally decided to switch the decks off for the night. (He has been affectionately known as the night raver, see [here] for his cot clubbing antics!)He always liked to practice his DJ set right before bedtime. Sometimes, Little Mama thought that he wasn’t destined to be a DJ but an alto singer instead, you know, going through his entire range of baby babbling delights, (including screeches). Little Mama thought that he knew she was heading off into the world of adulthood and was threatening to thwart her engagement of 4 P’s mode. BUT, just in time, he promptly cuddled up in his own world of baby dreams.

Fumbling with her make up bag, that had a layer of dust from lack of use, (particularly during the turbulent early parenting haze) her old skills of ‘steady hand sweep’ of the eyeliner, and ‘lipstick smear and smudge’ were slowly coming back to her usually baby cradling hands. Looking into the mirror, she found a slightly older looking, but still youthful(ish) woman, who was now a mother, about to head out into the world.

The rest, is probably well known in the mind of many parents, Little Mama drank, and laughed, giggled and drank some more (stupid 4 P’s mode!), taking full advantage of her adult night of socialising.

The Awakening

Staring into the abyss at 6.00am, she heard the squawk of the Little Lord, rising from his boudoir. She had gotten in at 1 am? 2 am? Then she heard the well learnt words rippling through the air, cracking her hungover head right at the core- ‘Mummy……Mummy……Maaaaaammmmy!’

He had awoken.

And Little Mama? Well, she had woken up too,  with the slicked eyeliner smeared down her face, and lipstick stained lips resembling the ‘ring of wine glass’ wear and tear. She looked like a mother who had over done the wine and was about to pay for her indulgence.

teething hangover

The Little Lord? Well, he was awake, teething, grouchy, hangry, crawling, standing, and ready for Mummy to come to the rescue.


Tips to cope with a hangover

  1. Don’t drink that last glass of wine/tipple
  2. Don’t bring a bottle of wine and think you’ll only take a glass
  3. Have self restraint- if possible, but of course with 4 P’s initiated- this is obviously a uphill battle
  4. Purchase paracetamol
  5. Persuade Little Daddy, partner, family member or friend to take pity on self induced state of mayhem and coax to look after Little Lord for the morning.
  6. Water, milkshake, junk food, absorb calories! I find a fruit smoothie does wonders! As does a sneaky little McDonalds  😉
  7. Get up, get ready and get at em’! It’ll all be over soon, better just get on with it and the pain will subside soon!
  8. Of course moderate drinking is always encouraged by Blabbermama, it shouldn’t be endorsed to get wild and drink copious amounts of alcohol, but sometimes it happens- our thoughts are with you (and the baby/toddler/child that is pulling on your sleeve vying for attention).

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12 thoughts on “The Hangover: Babies and booze-Who invented wine anyway?!

  1. Ha ha, this was me last night, I was sampling a selection of Gins at the new Gin House near us. They were lovely, though when I got in last night I needed to consume, toast, cookies and water. Miraculously apart from tiredness and smeared makeup, I didn’t feel too bad at all this morning, so I’m convinced Gin is the way forward. Great Post. Xx #fortheloveofBLOG

  2. This is why I rarely drink anymore lol. The hangover now seems to last a week instead of a morning, I just can’t do it anymore. Pj’s on a Saturday night is me lol.

  3. I’m pregnant with baby number 2 now but a last year I had a group of work friends not parents) who loved a night out. The hangovers looking after Leo were hell!! Why is it when you’re hungover your little always picks that day to play up? I’m actually not missing alcohol at all now I’m pregnant, life with no hangovers is a pretty good life!!haha xx #fortheloveofBLOG

  4. I really liked your 4 p’s reference. i always think I’m going to tame it down but regularly forget after the 4th glass of vino. You think that in my 40’s id know better but no! #BloggerClubUK

  5. For sure. just wrote a similiar post on a wicked mom hangover a but back. I have four girls including twin toddlers- so when I am hungover I basically want to just die. Hangovers really are the worst.

  6. Wine and having children goes hand in hand I think! You are so lucky that your Little Lord sleeps through, my youngest is up at least x4 in the night…no chance of a social life here…but wine…lots of wine!! #BloggerClubUK

  7. Oh god, I really feel for you and know exactly how you felt. Babies (in fact any children) and booze don’t mix well at all. There is nothing worse than being really hungover and looking after a child. I experienced the very same thing on Monday (yes a Monday) after going to the bed on Sunday, a few bottles of wine and prosecco (with frirends) later and I was DRUNK. Monday morning was horrendous, plus I had to work at home, with a 1 year old. Top tip – don’t drink. I even had a glass of wine last night, and can feel it. I’m such a lightweight. Thanks for sharing this post with us at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

  8. I’m pretty good these days. BUT on Sunday we went to a neighbours for a lunchtime BBQ and came stumbling home at 10pm…homemade cider, red wine….OMG my head was splitting on Monday. I do not cope with hangovers very wekk 🙁

  9. can’t even spell…must still be drunk! supposed to be WELL

  10. Oh my goodness hangovers since mummy hood are the worst thing ever! getting older always makes them worse and throw other humans who need you to look after them and it’s awful….that said pass the wine xx #bloggerclubuk

  11. Hehe! That is the exact reason why I am more of a virgin cocktail girl. Hope the hangover didn’t last too long. Thanks for linking up to the #DreamTeam xx
    Annette, 3 Little Buttons recently posted…GEOBAR Chewy Cereal Bars Tastier Than EverMy Profile

  12. My goodness I feel this post! I had a work night out on Friday and I was going to have one (count them) one glass of wine. Before you could say ‘peer pressure’ I was on the shots and ended up sick as a dog the next day!

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