Car Crash and Bump: The First Car

The Milestone

It’s an important milestone, when you finally get your first car. It brings independence, freedom and the ability to explore. When you pick up those keys and put them in the ignition the feeling of bubbling excitement is contagious. You want to rush out and use your new found favourite purchase- that often can come with a hefty price tag. What you don’t want to do, however, is crash your new found piece of joy, if you have a wobble, it’s often hard to get up and try again. It’s called getting back into the driving seat, but that’s if you haven’t incurred any injuries in the process.

Well, guess what happened? We received a new car! Here are the details:

  • It was shiny.
  • A beautiful red.
  • It came with features such as car radio.
  • Had great boot space, spacious indeed!
  • Was surprisingly roomy but very fast.
  • The perfect addition to any family home.

The Test Drive

The 9 month old Little Lord couldn’t wait to swing his leg over and start his first drive- even in perilous conditions where he had to navigate through the living room, around the sofa, avoiding the dogs (although I’m pretty sure he bee-lined towards them) and into the hallway, where he could let rip and see what the car was truly made off (PVC plastic mostly, but shhh not in his mind).

Rollin’ between the hours of 7-9.30am, 11.15-2.30pm and 4-7pm only, although I do like to throw the odd ‘surprise’ in now and again

He didn’t even let me fill the tank up (put the batteries in, no unleaded here!), he put his tunes on (annoying repetitive car radio, it doesn’t have an off switch, I’ve looked), slipped his shades on (like Little Daddy does of course! You can read about Daddy [here]) and put the car into gear (placed his little feet on the ground, ready to propel himself forward like an adrenaline junkie maniac, nothing is safe, including toes)

Enter- The Little Boy…RACER!

Having a well earned ‘pit-stop’ snack. The building blocks come in handy…

So returning back to the details:

  • It was shiny.– Yes it was, then the Little Lord got hold of it and made sure it had the slobbery stamp of approval! Think Little Doggy helped too… they collude and conspire, honestly, their love affair [here] has grown into mischievous partner’s in crime.
  • A beautiful red– Yes, well and truly, it’s Lightening McQueen, who couldn’t swoon?! Also easily cleaned (Result!)
  • It came with features such as car radio– We’ve explored this, yes it has a radio 😯
  • Had great boot space, spacious indeed! – True, the Little Lord stores his blocks, some books and other goodies in here, probably could be bigger so he could store Little Doggy in it, but then again that would be a bit of a hazard!
For all those baby essentials, does it fit those building blocks and other chewables? If not, then baby move on to the next one!
When making a big decision like your first car, it’s important to weigh up all the factors of your purchase- does it meet your purpose?
  • Was surprisingly roomy but very fast. Yes- it fits this Little Lord bum very nicely indeed! Fast- well he’s bumped into everything in sight, which makes him giggle more, each time he comes close to the TV, I have a mild coronary.
  • The perfect addition to any family home. If you fancy adding to your collection see [here] for some options! Hmm Yes- OK, I know my head will be wrecked from having to push him around the terrain of the family home, avoiding dog water bowl, dog, PVC Toy City and the rest, but seriously, he laughs like a loon, if he’s happy, I’m happy. Plus it has given his attempts to steal my mobile phone a break, now that he has a new toy to play with- I haven’t seen my phone this slobber free in a long time, or the baby dials that he does- such a prankster!

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There is an affiliate link in this post, this just means that if you choose to purchase the item suggested, then I’ll gather a couple of pennies to no extra cost to you! Thank you to the very lovely colleague at my husband’s work who gave us this classy looking motor, the Little Lord clearly loves it!

4 thoughts on “Car Crash and Bump: The First Car

  1. This is super sweet! What a special toy, hours of fun 🙂 #stayassymama

  2. Ahhhhh look at his little happy face! Looks like a great addition to the family and love the way there’s so much more to it than just a sit in toy. #StayClassyMama
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  3. Why are they always red these cars ? Always a great addition to the household tho and can make trips to park much more exciting. #stayclassymama

  4. Awww he looks so happy! Car is pretty cool I agree #stayclassymama

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