The Daily Blab: Hiring a Nanny? The pros and cons

27584e38-3cb7-4790-81b3-0d60b896bb8a Today on the Daily Blab, we are continuing with our Childcare series, examining the pros and cons of selected different options that are available.

Yesterday, we explored Childminders and the Pros and Cons of selecting a childminder as your caregiver. Read here.

It can be hard to return back to work after a period of leave, this process can be alleviated if you evaluate what childcare options are available to you in advance. Sometimes, it is necessary to use a balance of several childcare options to achieve the flexibility/affordability that you require.

Today, the focus is on;

Hiring a Nanny: the pros and cons

  • nanny provides 1 to 1 care in your own home, (or attentive care to several of your children)
  • your child will form a close bond with your nanny
  • this option tends to be more affordable when you have multiple children
  • nanny prices per hour can usually be expensive if caring for one child in comparison to other childcare options
  • nannies do not need to be registered and are therefore unregulated, you must do your own checks to your criteria of standard for childcare. It is advised to always seek references, have valid Health and Safety training and up to date First Aid Training.
  • a nanny can register if they wish, which allows parents to use voucher schemes and also means that basic checks are in place
  • nannies are employed by parents, and therefore are afforded the necessary requirements of holiday entitlement, pension (which will be obligatory soon), sick pay, tax and national insurance etc. Useful info is provided here. A nanny can also be employed by through an agency
  • if your nanny is ill, you may not have any child care cover
  • usually this form of childcare can be very flexible and work for longer hours, as permitted under Employment Law Regulations
  • children benefit from being cared for at home, no pick ups or drop offs to another location, may aid with routine
  • socialisation can be reduced if the child isn’t taken to groups or activities, although this can be circumvented if you agree with the nanny to bring your child to activities
  • food will be prepared by the nanny, family areas that the nanny uses whilst caring for your child should be kept clean and tidy
  • own possessions can be used for play, sleep etc.
  • the relationship between the nanny and the parents needs to be one of trust, as your nanny will be left alone with your child in your home environment all day
  • a nanny does not need to be qualified or have any experience

If this is an option that you are looking to explore, it can often take some time to find and interview candidates, useful information about the employment process, contractual elements and responsibilities of an employer can be found in the links below:

Sample employment contracts- here

HRMC UK guidance- here

Nannytax services, calculators for tax purposes and guidance- here

Finding a nanny- here

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  1. […] The Daily Blab: Hiring a Nanny? The pros and cons […]

  2. […] The Daily Blab: Hiring a Nanny? The pros and cons […]

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