The Daily Blab: Nursery, the pros and cons

27584e38-3cb7-4790-81b3-0d60b896bb8a The Daily Blab is now going to consider a nursery setting for childcare, and the pros and cons. We have previously considered the pros and cons of a childminder, and also hiring a nanny. The option or options you choose will be determined by your needs/flexibility and affordability that you require.

wp-1469717417974.jpg The pros and cons of a nursery for your childcare option


  • socialisation, your child will be able to socialise with a range of children from different age ranges, your child will also socialise with adults and must have a key worker assigned according to statutory requirements
  • environment, nurseries are regulated according to the building, amount of staff and certified health and safety personnel available (other additional criteria is considered), nursery environments differ on this basis, ranging from a home environment, to a busier and more lively environment
  • number of children in the nursery depending on the environment you choose, it can be busy or quiet depending on what will suit your child’s personality best
  • staff ratios and attention, ratios are determined by statutory frameworks, a nursery cannot go over the ratio numbers however, they can go below the ratio, this would obviously cost more for the nursery and therefore this price difference may be charged to the parent
  • food, your child should receive a balanced diet, with fresh produce. This should be included in your daily rate
  • nappies, largely depends on the nursery you choose, some include nappies in the price, if not, this is an additional cost which you will need to consider in your daily rate
  • milk, in nearly every nursery, milk is provided by the parents as there is such a huge variety and range of formula, and breast milk which would need to be in a sterilised bag and stored in the fridge. The nursery is obligated to store breast milk correctly
  • staff availability, the nursery should always have available cover and therefore it wouldn’t matter if a worker falls ill. However, if this happens to be your child’s key worker, this can cause upset in routine for that day, although nurseries tend to familarise your child with several workers encase of sickness, maternity cover etc.
  • exposure to germs, more likely that your child will come into contact with germs or illnesses, although this is good for the immune system but may be tiring for parents if it is a repeat occurrence
  • if your child falls ill the nursery will not accept your child until they are better, which may cause difficulties for working parents
  • price, there are a range of different types of nurseries (montessori, steiner, mainstream and others), it is widely accepted that the price of childcare and in particular nursery fees have risen, the government does have some incentives for childcare in nurseries that can be found here
  • vouchers, nurseries accept many varieties of voucher schemes through employment which benefits parents through tax relief
  • OFSTED reports, nurseries are regulated and are obligated to follow EYFS criteria, it is hugely important to read the most recent OFSTED reports for the nursery you are considering as this will inform you how well the nursery is rated, find a report here
  • tours, parents can tour the nursery facility which can provide a view if the environment would be suitable for your child, it will also allow you to observe how other children interact with staff, with other childcare options such as a childminder, this is more difficult to achieve, take a look at The Frenchie Mummy’s post about things to look out for during your tour!
  • paying during holiday periods, most nurseries request to be paid a set fee monthly/weekly, with no relief if you go on holiday with your child or the nursery is closed
  • notice, most nurseries will require notice if you wish to remove your child from their care
  • secure, through OFSTED and other governing bodies, the nursery must be secure from access to the general public

The option you choose should work for you and your family, it is so difficult to think about returning to work and finding childcare.  You want your child to flourish in whatever setting you choose. There is so much to consider when finding that arrangement that works for you, but have faith, after all the searching and the research you will find something that works for everyone, it might even be a combination!

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15 thoughts on “The Daily Blab: Nursery, the pros and cons

  1. I’ve used Creche for both of mine – and the food and socialisation were high on my pro list . The money is a major con though! Full price twelve months a year no matter what !

    1. I know the price is so expensive especially during holiday periods when your kids might not even be there! My priorities are the same as yours, food and socialisation, so fingers crossed when September comes, my Little one agrees! 🙂
      blabbermama recently posted…HELP! My baby is on fire! Cooling down in summer heatMy Profile

  2. I used a childminder for Little R, which I loved. The socialisation was definitely important but I hated her being there, I sobbed on her first couple of days! She loves it though and there are definitely so many pro points to her being there! It is so expensive though and there has been a few days when they have been ill and I have had to have a day off, which is a pain! Have you decided where you will send her completely? #prettyinplaydough

    1. I know I’ll be sobbing my heart out when my son starts nursery! Thankfully Daddy is going to do the drop offs as I don’t think I’ll be able to, I’m lucky in a sense that he’ll only be at nursery for 2 days a week but still- when your not used to that separation it can feel like forever! Thanks for your comment 🙂
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  3. I soon have to put my baby into childcare as I’m starting language school soon. It’ll be tough for me to part with her a few hours a day, but it’ll benefit her in the end too. Thank you for linking up such a handy post to #fortheloveofBLOG!
    Sarah – Mum & Mor recently posted…My Sunday Photo: Dog PhotobombMy Profile

    1. I agree, the benefits for your child in childcare are great, I think in many ways it effects the parents more than the baby when they start childcare. Hopefully you have a smooth transition! You’ll have to let us know how you get on when baby does start childcare 🙂
      blabbermama recently posted…The Daily Blab: The spreading deficiency that YOU are suffering fromMy Profile

  4. Great advice Stef, there are definitely points here that mums and dads wont realise. A is starting preschool next year and I’m terrified hah! #fortheloveofblog

    1. Thanks 🙂 aww I know time goes so fast and within a flash a year will be upon us and it’ll be time for A to start! My son goes to nursery in September for 2 days a week, and when he was born it felt like ages away, now it’s just around the corner! Ekkk!
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  5. This is fab – I found it a bit of a minefield deciding whether to send my little one to nursery or childminder…this would have been just what I needed to read! There are so many pros for their development even if the beginnings can be hard at first…I’m looking forward to her starting as I think she’ll love it. Thanks for sharing on the #dreamteam

    1. It is such a minefield, for every pro I had a con, when I thought I had decided- I found something that didn’t work and so on, we got there in the end though, my little one starts nursery for 2 days a week in September and like you say, I think he’ll love it. It’ll be me who’s going to find it tough at the beginning but thankfully Daddy will be doing the drop offs- I probably wouldn’t be able to if he cried 🙂 thanks for stopping by!
      blabbermama recently posted…HELP! My baby is on fire! Cooling down in summer heatMy Profile

  6. Aw. All these time I never thought of the cons.
    Thanks for this!

  7. This is such a good list lovely. I remember doing the nursery tour when my little girl was 5 weeks old. I wish we had started sooner as the waiting list for some was really long. She’s been in nursery a month now and so far has had conjunctivitus twice, and I’ve been super ill with nursery germs. Claire x #PrettyInPlaydough

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