The Daily Blab: The spreading deficiency that YOU are suffering from


Have you heard in the news recently that it is advised everyone should be taking a Vitamin D supplement? News stories, day time TV shows and medical experts are trying to raise awareness about the importance of taking Vitamin D, it is now being seen as the ‘unseen deficiency’- but why? Read news story [here]

Things you need to know about Vitamin D:

    • Often referred to as the sunshine vitamin, it is produced by the bodies response to skin exposure in sunlight: however, effectiveness of exposure is stifled by sunscreen – which is strictly advisable in sunlight to prevent sun damage and risk of skin cancer. If you have dark skin, the pigment in skin will reduce the vitamin D response in your body. So what else provides Vitamin D? Did you see our attempt at increasing Vit D- [Here]
    • Fish, oils, egg yolks, fortified dairy and grain products, but the level you need is 10 micrograms a day, it is now thought that food alone will not be able to provide the levels the human body requires- so what are we meant to do?
    • Take a daily supplement of Vitamin D, it is advisable for everyone! Even babies. There are tablet supplements for adults, chewable tablets for older children, and drops for young children and babies, get the drops here Vitabiotics WellKid Baby and Infant Liquid from 4 Months to 5 Years, 150ml

For babies, sun exposure is often hard to achieve as some youngsters do not like direct sunlight, and are rightly covered and shaded from direct sunlight with hats, sunglasses, suncream, long sleeve clothing etc. The best approach is to check if their formula includes Vitamin D- if breastfeeding, make sure to supplement your baby’s vitamin levels with drops to ensure they are getting the vitamins they require- Vit D, Iron etc.

I was intrigued, not normally one to fuss about vitamins or potential media exaggeration, I went and got my levels checked, and I was deficient! Although not to a serious degree, but as a breastfeeding mother – low levels make a difference, a daily vitamin tablet will sort my levels out. I didn’t think I would be deficient, I didn’t feel low and I like to think I have a very healthy diet but that’s why it is the hidden deficiency with many risks.

Why take Vitamin D?

  • It is essential for strong bones, it aids the use of calcium in the body- so very important for children and rapidly growing babies! Avoiding the increasing risk of rickets!
  • Prevents bone pain and weakness in the muscles especially important for that growing little baby who needs those muscles to crawl, stand and develop!
  • Reduced cardiovascular risk
  • Reduces likelihood of severe asthma
  • Cancers

Do you think the risk of deficiency is accurate or a blown up media whirlwind? Let me know, leave a comment below! 


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