For the love of Jo- STOP!

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The Little Mama sat silently, tapping into her phone to check the latest updates across the world of social media. Tuning into the news channels and catching up with the daily events. The monitor sat next to her, and her son, the Little Lord who was 7.5mths old lay peacefully slumbering in his cot. She took a moment to consider life around her.

Not one who often sits in quiet reflection. The Little Mama considered recent events. In the news headlines across the space of a week, so many horrors had been splashed across the world, causing splinters to ricochet and hurt or appall many . The shocking hatred in Orlando, where bullets tore flesh and ended lives- suddenly and without warning, the flicker of breath leaving their bodies. The bodies of 49.

2 year old Lane Graves, a precious little boy snatched and drowned by an alligator whilst on a family holiday in Florida which he undoubtedly had been excited about, waiting in anticipation. How heartbreaking for his family, to return home from what is meant to be a family holiday, missing a part of their heart, which now carried grief and mourning.

The UK Member of Parliament, Jo Cox murdered, shot and stabbed whilst serving her constituency. A mother of 2, who had focused her entire career on a life in democracy. Her husband and children who will now ‘fight against the hatred that killed her.’

These are just 3 stories that have resonated throughout the world however there are countless other stories out there, that haven’t received the widespread press attention. Stories that hold equally harrowing facts of hatred, misfortune and tragedy. What do we do with this information as parent’s to our children?

Little Mama quietly picked herself up, mentally patted herself down and whilst holding sadness in her heart for those that have lost, she remained steadfast and reminded herself, that her role in life is to nurture, to care and protect her son with her husband. To teach him the values of a society that can be flawed and fractured but can be renewed with understanding and instilling the knowledge he needs to make the decisions that are right in his future as he grows. It is easy to be fazed and tainted with so much hatred and tragedy spilling in every corner of the world, but as parents we need to do our bit and to teach our kids the values in life to make the decisions that will not only enhance the futures of our children, but those around them. Let the ricochet of good values and rhetoric be the legacy of our children in trying times.

The Little Lord woke and Little Mama went to him, eager for a cuddle and a gummy smile.


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  1. It’s been a sad week. It really does make you think about our little ones and what legacy we’re going to be leaving them. #fortheloveofBLOG

    1. I agree a sad week in the world. Thanks for commenting!

  2. It has been a truly awful week hasn’t it. Just shows that you have to live each day to the fullest and that’s the message that I want my children to learn. Thanks for joining us on #fortheloveofBLOG x

    1. I agree just embrace every day that’s a great message to teach your children. 🙂 no probs love the linky x

  3. It has been a terrible few weeks for the world recently. I tend to avoid the news – ignorance is bliss – but sometimes it’s hard to miss. But it does squeeze my boy a little longer and harder, smother him in kisses and be thankfully for my wonderful little family #marvmondays

    1. I know I am the same usually- just avoid the news but I agree the last few weeks have been hard to miss. I’m the same, my little boy got cuddled a little tighter especially after I had written this post. Thanks for commenting and great to link up!

  4. The a terrible place, one that I’d love to shelter little ones from, but in reality the best thing to do is be honest with them about the state of the world and teach them that it’s not all bad and that they can do their part by being the good in the world. It has been an awful week and I hope that we get some good news soon.

    1. I agree honesty is the best policy as they say. I’d love some good news! You must be due soon- I am keeping an eye on your blog for baby news 🙂 hope your feeling well and keeping comfy. Thanks for commenting

  5. organisedjo

    It has been such a sad sad week. I do so want to protect my little ones from these hateful things, but my eldest has just discovered Newsround and here’s about these news stories. We then have a chat about them and I just love her 8 year old logic – why do people have to be so hurtful. #MarvMonday

    1. The innocence of our kids is the best thing. I wish it could be bottled and given out to everyone else! They really have it sussed! Thank you for commenting 🙂

  6. World news hasn’t been great of late but always good to have a cuddle from your own at times like this #MarvMondays

    1. I agree the best tonic is a good cuddle. Thanks for commenting

  7. So much awful news lately, it does make you wonder what kind of world we have brought our little ones into. But like you said, all we can do is try to guide them through this world with the right morals and values and hope that they make a better future for future generations.. Thanks for sharing this on #MarvMondays. Emily

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