Great British Bake Off News: Baby beats Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood

The 9 month old baby, affectionately referred to as the Little Lord,  sat in his high chair, legs swinging, arms clasped around his latest toy in favour, waiting (not so) patiently for Little Mama to prepare his latest culinary delight. As soon as the clock struck 5pm, his dinner better be well on it’s way, either prepared or in transit to the high chair- or else!

So the time has come, ovens are at the ready, ingredients that are neglected nearly all year round, have suddenly found themselves in the shopping basket. Eggs are primed, the blenders that are otherwise stuck in the cupboard covered in dust, have been primed. (With a brief glance at the instructions as you never knew how to use it anyway.)

On your marks!

Get Set!


Yes, it’s true. Bake off is back. And before you panic, no there are no spoilers divulged here, although… have you seen Mary Berry’s new hair?! <—only spoiler, promise! Look there is even a entire news article [here] about her new do. Must’ve been a slow news day!

Cakes, and buns, icing, and towers of elaborately displayed sponge.

Tentalising…delicious…eyes glued to the television, viewing the mind boggling treats that make you wish smell-o-vision had been created.

It hasn’t…sadly!

It’s true that Bake off is all about the baked culinary delights, not the savoury treats that Little Mama prepares for her son’s ever demanding palate. But Little Mama has her own little mini Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood all combined and wrapped into one baby- her Little Lord.

baker boy

Signs you have a master baker culinary taste technician? (bit of a mouthful there!)

  • The anxious wait before the preparation of the meal has finished. The baby is amping up displeasure at having to wait, Think- ‘How dare you not have my meal ready within the speed of light when I register that my belly is slightly sensing hunger?!’
  • Initial taste test of new culinary items will be scowled upon by even the best eater. Think- ‘What has just gone into my mouth!’
  • When they get more confident and handy with a spoon, the ‘spoon surveillance’ will begin to occur. This is where, if they are getting some porridge for example, they will make sure whatever is on the spoon passes their inner baby check list. No- there is no logic to the baby check list! Think- ‘What is this specimen on the spoon? Are they trying to feed me something off list?!’


  • They make you out to be a liar. (Strong language I know!) but when you give them something they absolutely loved and then suddenly, that mouthful they just had re-appears and slides down their bib or hits the high chair- Think- ‘No, no, no, I liked this last week, this week, I’m more avocado than I am carrot!’
  • Baby was fussing the entire meal, either you were spoon feeding or doing some baby led weaning (we do both) the bowl gets removed and…‘What’s this? I’m crying don’t you see? I wanted more? I’M NOT FINISHED?’ Continues to play with food, in hair, on chair, on floor, around dog…


Common factors between Bake off and Baby

  • Soggy Bottoms– (of sorts) I’m sure you are as equally accustomed to those nappies as I am… Chocolate, caramel, rich and NO- we do not want smell-o-vision after all!
  • Warm Buns– The Little Lord still likes the feast of the breastfeeding variety, although he’s weaning, only his warm bun will do. Recently, the Little Lord tried some formula and found it wasn’t quite to his sophisticated taste buds. (See? He’s a master baker culinary taste technician!) 
  • Star Baker– he hands out this award to Mummy or Daddy depending on the mood, this may encompass a slobbery wet kiss, a hug (rugby tackle drag) or a hair pull yank of affection. It’s meant to be between Mummy and Daddy but we find Little Doggy seems to get the goods!
  • Technical Challenge– trying to pin the nappy on the baby, who can crawl and walk. It’s a wrestling mission- see [here] for our first bout!
  • Signature Bake– Our Little Lord’s signature move is his butt wiggle as he crawls. It’s a sight to behold. Especially when he’s crawling really fast trying to instigate a chase. That little butt will wag and wiggle, pretty sure he gets it from Little Doggy. They are in love still, you can see [here] to observe their filth.
  • Showstopper– That smile, nothing beats that gummy/toothy grin.


If you have a master baker at your side (heels, hanging off your legs etc.) then let me know! Leave me a comment below, also like our Facebook page for more shenanigans!


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13 thoughts on “Great British Bake Off News: Baby beats Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood

  1. Haha love this and so glad bake-off is back! #dreamteam

  2. Kat

    Love this! Showstopper smile, can melt a heart anytime. I also am so happy that bake off is back on though, its a countdown to Christmas for me…Bake Off, X-Factor, Apprentice…all signs that holidays are coming…Yes I know it’s August but I really love Christmas! #dreamteam

  3. Haha love that gif! Love this I think my little one certainly shares many of those common themes with bake off! Umm I haven’t seen Mary’s new do – I must have been under a rock **goes I check out immediately** #bloggerclubuk

  4. Aww I love this..especially show stopper smile 🙂 I’m so happy bake off is back on, it’s my favorite. You have made me so happy the weaning days are over though..I don’t miss dealing with all that mess! Xx #BloggerClubUK

  5. I love this! Now off to watch Bake Off. #BlooggerClub33

  6. Love this! Soggy bottoms ….mmmmmm!


  7. That GIF makes me laugh so much. And soggy bottoms? Enough said! #BloggerClubUK

    1. Haha I know the GIF made me laugh when I seen it! Soggy bottoms galore- bloody awful sometimes!! Thanks for your comment

  8. I have only ever seen snippets of bake off (I know where have I been?) but I can confirm that your little Lord most certainly is a master baker. He has my vote. Great observations Thank you for linking up to #ablogginggoodtime 🎉

  9. Hehe, soggy bottoms and warm buns! I don’t usually get time to watch this all the way through. But we have been joining in with the #BakeOff hashtag, come join in if you manage to get baking. Thank you for linking up to the #DreamTeam xx
    Annette, 3 Little Buttons recently posted…Get Involved With The #SummerOfBratzMy Profile

  10. suz

    Your post made me laugh. Good luck keeping up with your master baker culinary taste technician’s demands.

    1. I know, seriously, what a demanding little baker I have on my hands- but more importantly bake off night tonight, heard it’s bread week ekkkk haha

  11. Ha loved this. Very timely with the return of the bake off. Made me chuckle with the soggy bottoms 🙂 Thanks for joining us again on #fortheloveofBLOG x
    A Mum Track Mind recently posted…Food & Family Meal Planning With A Mum Track MindMy Profile

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