Little Dog Meets Baby

Starring: Little Dog, Little Humanoid

Cameo roles: Big Humanoids

Running behind the sofa against the wooden floorboards, and cursing the fact that his nails tapped against the floor like a melody, Little Dog hid and waited. It was daybreak and the games had just begun. Little Humanoid had been brought into the living room and he was surveying the land, watching, waiting and trying to decipher where Little Dog was.

Little Dog had been resting as usual until he spied the water bowl, he knew he had to make the journey across the living room to satisfy his thirst, but the dilemma was being able to do this without raising the intrigue of Little Humanoid. When Little Humanoid had first been brought into the territory, it appeared that he couldn’t do much, but the Little Dog hadn’t expected the surprising turn of events when the Little Humanoid had began to evolve and suddenly he was beginning to catch up with Little Dog.

Standing his sensory-like pointy ears up to attention and switching on his ultra sonic dog hearing, he listened for any potential Little Humanoid threats. Switching on his crystal clear gaze he watched for any sign of movement. Little Humanoid was over by the newly erupted PVC land of coloured plastic, he appeared ravenous, placing a rattley thing in his mouth. Silvia was slipping out and he could tell that the Little Humanoid would surely pounce on him if he got too close.

Little Dog did an army crawl, on all four paws, slowly but surely edging his way past PVC land, weaving through the disarray of stuffed toy kingdom and finally closing in on his doggy bowl. He could hear the rattling of the Little Humanoid, he was still preoccupied. Little Dog was close. So very close, his tail began to wag excitedly as he thought he was just about to put his tongue into the bowl when a surprising turn of events occurred.

*Shuffle~ Shuffle #pause# ~ Shuffle*

Little Dog froze, his sensor ears had detected suspicious activity and everything appeared eerily quiet, the rattling had stopped.

Peering around to PVC land, he could no longer see Little Humanoid. Where had he went?

Zooming out, he glanced at the rocky road of stuffed toy kingdom but there was no sign. His rattle lay defeated and covered in goo on the floor- how strange, he never left that thing down.

*Shuffle~ Shuffle #pause# ~ Shuffle*

It was getting closer now… Little Dog took a cursory lick of his water bowl, just to calm his puppy nerves.

*Shuffle~ Shuffle*

Little Dog paused, his crystal clear gaze had let him down, he would need to invest in more equipment, perhaps stealth paws would soon be developed?

Little Dog switched off stealth mode and went into flight mode, darting across the living room and back beside the sofa. As he darted across the land, he had felt a slight tug at his tail. Little Humanoid had got close, but not today, Little Dog had won this round of the game.


The Big Humanoids went to tend to the Little Humanoid who had suddenly got grumpy, Little Dog sat smug on the sofa, feeling the success of his win. Until…

‘Little Dog, come here boy, come see Little Humanoid, he wants to see you!’

Dog and baby

Little Dog glanced at the Little Humanoid who had abruptly stopped crying, he seemed to have a twinkle in his eye, like he knew he had done a switcheroo and defeated Little Dog.

….Those Pesky Humanoids!

Little Clever Humanoid- 1

Little Dog- 0

See how the Little Lord explores the land with his fledgling crawl technique

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13 thoughts on “Little Dog Meets Baby

  1. So adorable! My dog enjoys spending time with my daughter. They’ll be best friends when A is older no doubt! #BloggerClubUK

    1. Aww I think they are getting friendly now I think my dog was shocked. One day a little baby who couldn’t really move or explore and now it’s all go! Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. we introduced our dog to our baby and now they are best friends. I completely understand with the tap tap tapping of their claws on the floor Kya is the same drives me insane ! #bloggerclubuk

    1. Our son and dogs are good friends as well. They are very protective of my son we just are teaching him to be gentle when he pets etc but it’s going to be cute to watch them together as he gets older. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Ah bless! It’s good to get small people used to animals as they won’t be afraid of them and will know how to treat them right.

    1. I know they are good friends it’s just making sure the baby doesn’t terrorise the dog too much. We are currently trying to teach him to be gentle. We have made progress thankfully!! Thanks for commenting

  4. Haha I like this! We have three cats – one who loves our two year old and will let him cuddle/play etc – the other two are absolutely terrified and make mad/crazed dashes just like your dog! I think that toddler age is hard on animals because they seem so unpredictable – loud noises/crying/moving quickly. I’m sure they will be great friends in the future tho #stayclassy

    1. Yeh I think it’s the shock, suddenly the baby is moving when before they are immobile and animals thought they were safe. They are friends it’s just making sure our son learns to be gentle. He’s getting there! Thanks for your comment 🙂

  5. Hahaha I love this! Poor pup, little humanoid always trying to grab his tail. ; ) Luckily he got away this time! I love your writing style, really entertaining. Thanks for sharing with #StayClassy!

    1. Haha I know- I do pity the pup. Although I’m teaching the little lord to be gentle at the moment. Thanks very much I’m glad you enjoy it 🙂 thanks for commenting

  6. randommusings29

    This is brilliant. Poor Little Dog!
    Thanks for linking up to #BloggerClubUK 🙂

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