Little Mama’s Bath Time Indulgence

Starring: Little Mama, Little Lord and Little Daddy

She eased herself into the soothing aroma and delicious warmth of the water. It had been quite some time since Little Mama had enjoyed the luxury of a bath. The bubbles foamed and stirred around her, sure she had used her baby’s bubble bath but it did the same job. She closed her eyes and let the eerie quietness envelope her senses. Her son, the Little Sleeping Lord was being cared for by Little Daddy. She reached for the razor to get rid of the fur  that riddled her limbs…perhaps she should be known as Little Grizzly Mama.

She had just begun to shave when she heard Little Lord shuffle. Surely not?! Just 30 minutes into his nap. She thought it was a wind up. Perhaps she was hearing things. She honed her well trained listening ear to determine if indeed, movement could be detected. Silence. She relaxed and went deeper into the bath.

*Wahhhh* #cotbang

There was no mistaking that the Little Lord had awoken and he sounded as grizzly as Little Mama’s legs felt.

Little Mama didn’t concern herself overly as she heard Little Daddy ponder up the stairs and into the slumber pit of Little Lord. That was until Little Daddy made some rather strange sounds of exasperated horror;

‘It’s everywhere, he’s so small how can he cause so much destruction.’

Ah yes, Little Mama giggled silently as she lay in her cosy bath. Little Lord had left a present in his nappy.

Little Mama had rejoiced too soon in having missed the mayhem of the nappy. As Little Daddy interrupted the serenity of the bath tub and the de-grizzling of Little Mama’s legs. With Little Lord in tow, naked, he shot Little Mama an urgent look to vacate the bath tub.

Only half de-grizzled, with one leg still wrapped in fur, Little Mama jumped out of the tub and away from the destruction.

Cold, shivering and not at all relaxed or barely clean, Little Mama had failed in her #MissionBathtubScrub

Little Lord sat supremely in the bubble bath that Little Mama had carefully prepared, smiling, like he knew he’d just stolen her bath. He clutched his rubber ducky and played with the bubbles. It was like he knew she’d used his bubble bath…

The Tally
Little Mama’s bath time relaxation= FLEETING
Little Lord’s bath time relaxation= HIGH
Little Daddy’s level of scarring from surprisingly revolting nappy= HIGH

Little Mama’s potential of holding another #MissionBathtubScrub = HIGH WITH ADVISORY- just wait until Little Lord has vacated bowels next time.

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0 thoughts on “Little Mama’s Bath Time Indulgence

  1. Ah this is cute, it made me smile!
    Great post 🙂


    1. Thank you I’m glad it made you smile! Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. Hopefully next time it will be mission accomplished!

    1. Haha aww I hope so. Little Lord is cunning he seems to know when I have anything planned. Thanks for reading and commenting today 🙂

  3. hahaha! I have been here so many times! the ‘half’ bath… love it! #momsterslink

    1. Going to do a re-run soon. Baths and chocolate are my 2 weaknesses so I’ll persevere! Thanks for reading and commenting!

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  5. Haha I LOVE THIS! This happened to me ALL THE TIME when The Bear was less than 3 months old, now he sleeps longer and does not cry as much so there is actually time for a decent bath. Poor Little Mama who had to ditch her bath for Little Lord, the things we do for our kids, hey? Very funny Little Daddy had such a big surprise hahah, I secretly love it when that happens ; ). Thanks so much for sharing with #StayClassy!

    1. I absolutely love it when Little Daddy gets the filth instead. I try to time it as much as possible to avoid the bad nappies. It’s the little wins in parenting life, we are clearly living the high life haha. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  6. Love this! My nearly 4 month old uesed to have these nappies! Its amazing how far it travels when they are small! Up the back was a regular occurance!

    thanks for linking with #stayclassy

    1. Aww I know the nappies can be horrible especially if your out anywhere- which is usually always the case! No problem thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

  7. It’s amazing how much poop can come out of one little persons body. I remember the horror of some of those. Now when I take baths it has to be long after I’ve put the kids to bed so that I’m not constantly interrupted by the tapping on the door or the screams of “mommy where are you?!?!?”. Thanks for linking with #momsterslink and hope to see you again this week!

    1. I know I was so niave before baby arrived. I never knew the destruction they could unleash! I may start baths after bed and just hope I don’t wake him. I’m convinced he has a sensor!

  8. Ha, my favorite thing is when my husband discovers the poopy diaper and I’m ‘unavailable’ (I pretend to be pooping a lot…) Cute post.

    1. I know that’s my favorite thing too! It’s the simple things in this parenting life haha thanks for commenting

  9. […] The Bathtime disaster when she had to vacate abruptly, thankfully before she came face to face with a floater (yes, you know the type, yes apologies for the toilet humour- but in this case, it happened and baths are still avoided); […]

  10. […] Previously, he had tried and failed to initiate his engine. He had tried to conduct a quick repair overnight in the workshop, but he had received some dodgy parts on eBay and had to wait until his next shipment came. It took a while to dispatch so the seller would lose a star for lacklustre service- the Little Spy Lord was hard to please so he employed the services of ‘M’- (Little Mama) who obliged reluctantly, for she knew as soon as Little Spy Lord began to crawl, that daily tasks would become even more troublesome. […]

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