Meet the Character: Superbaby the intro

By day, he was a Little Lord masquerading as a baby but by night he was:


Coming soon… here is a snippet to quench your thirst!


Character Interview:

Loves- A well stocked booby of milk or a bowl of pasta- there’s no Lois Lane’s♥ on this baby’s mind. (Nor will there be for the foreseeable future, Little Mama will have words otherwise)

Fears- His own Kryptonite of #cotjail, #buckles and *GULP* #lostrattle

Happiest when– Chasing Little Dog, his trusty sidekick and listening to music (of the pop/rnb variety much to Little Rocker Mama’s disdain)

Saddest when- The Luthor Corp. thwarts his plans of midnight raves, sudden epicly timed nappy explosions or when they make him leave the swing in the Park before he’s had his adrenaline junkie fix- flying through the air sans cape.


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  1. […] Corp. sat facing away from the 7.5 month old Little Lord- who had cloaked himself as Superbaby for the day. He watched, tense and waiting for their next move. He re-positioned his bum on his […]

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