HELP! My baby is on fire! Cooling down in summer heat

wp-1469370920691.jpg The weather was hot, over-bearing almost, and Little Mama wasn’t sure how she was going to tame and cool the 8 month old Little Lord down- she decided, on an impromptu whim to get Little Daddy to purchase a paddling pool, feeling like the genius she clearly was (she’s the author after all, bias is completely allowed) she lay in wait, with the Little Lord in the living room (his toy predator skills in full flow- missed it? See [here] our first vlog).

Feeling like a child again, she rushed to open the paddling pool whilst Little Daddy left to go to work. She couldn’t wait to have an adventure with her Little Swimmer Lord. He loves the bath and has had frequent adventures previously [here]. She opened out the pool and stared at the contraption in front of her – what had Little Daddy purchased, it looked like some sort of monstrosity- not the idealistic and simple pool she had envisaged.

The Little Lord looked at the revealed, deflated and rather sad looking pool and didn’t seem very excited by the prospect of dawning his swimmer nappy and shorts, in fact, he looked almost bored but a trickle of sweat went down his forehead, Little Mama had to work quickly to avoid the crank of an overheated baby…


Here are some tips to keep the young’ens cool over any prospective future heatwaves;

  • Use a paddling pool during warm weather and place it in the shade to keep cool, always supervise your child, no matter what, even if that doorbell rings!
  • Remember to apply plenty of sun cream, high factor, water proof helps but always apply before and after entering water just to be sure!
  • Keep out of direct sunlight, and if you can, keep out of the sun during peak hours which is 11am-3pm, if you do head out, make sure you have some shade to keep your little monster cool or else you might have a cranky baby on your hands!
  • Sunhats!
  • Sunglasses if they will allow, especially sunglasses with 100% UV protection to keep those peepers covered.
  • Keep your baby well hydrated by offering water very frequently
  • A cool bath before bedtime can help in sticky humid heat
  • Re-evaluate your child’s nightwear, do they need blankets/sleeping bag/sleepsuit? Will their nappy or vest do?
  • Try to cool their bedroom down- easier said than done I know!
  • It’s great to have fun in the sun for much needed Vitamin D- (do you know most of the population is deficit? Post [Here]!) but be observant and watch out for signs of dehydration, heat exhaustion, heatstroke or sunburn. More tips are available [here] via the NHS site

Little Mama had all the equipment ready for a successful pool day, sunhat, shades and suncream, she was pleased with herself until she realised her mistake of epic proportions, how was she going to blow up this unsightly pool?

She scratched her head and decided that maybe she might have enough air in her lungs to attempt the impossible.


huffed and she….

puffed and she…

failed- completely, it didn’t even pucker with a single ounce of air!

Not defeated yet, she text Little Daddy, in a rather huffy tone, to decipher how she was going to inflate the goggly eyed beast, his reply attempted an apologetic tone but Little Mama sensed laughter…

‘There’s an old bike pump in the cupboard, sorry but your going to have to get your arm pumping.’

It even had a fin and eyes, everyone else see’s, ‘Oh how cute!’ Little Mama see’s, ‘Extra manual pumping for eyes and a fin!’

😯 ARM PUMPING?!? Little Mama went to find the bike pump and came face to face with her nemesis. It had 5 separate valves to be pumped up, it took over an hour, and now Little Mama is walking around with one well bulked almost HULK looking arm on one side (Little Lord must take after his mama then [here]), and a scrawny little arm on the other.

Little Daddy run! Little Mama is coming for you!

At least the Little Lord had fun though! And cooled him down like a treat.

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7 thoughts on “HELP! My baby is on fire! Cooling down in summer heat

  1. Great tips! It can be so hard keeping them cool. Our paddling pool really was a life saver last week. I prefer to keep them in a t-shirt and shorts in the day and get them wet to keep them cool – that way I don’t stress out so much about sunburn! #BloggerClubUK

  2. Aww your efforts were well worth it in the end – look at how much fun he had! Pool looks great too by the way, and the tips are useful for older children too (like mine). So they all lived happily ever after… #ShaingTheBlogLove

  3. We have always done the shower/bath before bed to cool down. I have also started putting a cool damp washcloth in with my daughter to help her cool down. Plus she loves to play with it for a little bit before sleeping. Thanks for the tips! #sharingthbloglove

  4. These modern paddling pools are so complicated aren’t they! We have an electric pump now and it’s definitely the way to go! It’s all worth it once you’ve got it blown up though, we loved having ours out last week – my son’s main objective seemed to be just to run through it and out the other side, and then back round again repeatedly! Thanks so much for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  5. We invested in an electric pump for ours, it saved me!!! We lived in ours last week, the girls love it and it keeps them cool. Great tips. Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove Laura x

  6. I love how he manages to look effortlessly cool as you say. That pool is awesome and we have a ladybird version – best investment this summer. Some great tips here…
    Thanks for linking to #ablogginggoodtime

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