No.1 Parenting fear: When the Baby pulls a HULK strop


The 8 mth old Little Lord sat playing in the midst of PVC Plastic City, tossing cups and biting rattles, when he felt a tingle in his gum. It had grown incessantly and no gnawing or biting could quell the increasing urge to chew and chomp his way through anything. It was the familiar swell of the plague called ‘Teething’. He angled around to see if Little Mama had noticed his discomfort but alas, she wasn’t a mind reader much to his disappointment. He set about fixing her oblivious ways…

Little Mama sat and played with Little Lord, he was happily wrecking around in his toys when she noticed him stiffen and his face grow weary. She pretended like everything was fine and tried to avoid a meltdown by pulling silly faces and trying to instigate laughter, which usually always worked as the Little Lord was a gummy smile type of baby, but deep down she knew it was too late, the Little Lord was turning. Little Mama tried to cling on the remnants remaining of Bruce Banner Baby, but the mist had descended.


Little HULK Baby

Note- pouted lips and serious pose, a baby on a Hulk smashing mission!

Little Hulk Baby, who was mobile and adept at crawling on all 4’s came crawling towards Little Mama with renewed vigour and frustration. He could feel his gums tingling even more now. Little Mama was sitting there trying to appease him with scraps of plastic and funny faces, he particularly liked when she did that wiggle thing with her eyebrows…

Oh look she was doing it now…haha, how does she…NO…! Little Mama- nice try!

Key Characteristics of a Little HULK Baby:

Note- mouth open ready to slobber and attack

The tell tale signs for Bruce Banner Baby morphing into Little Hulk Baby caused by teething can be seen in this case with;

  1. Dribble on chin
  2. Biting of bottom lip
  3. Lack of gummy smile (which is rare with the Little Lord)
  4. Baby Babbling becomes angry squawking at nothing in particular, but just airing his grievances- Hulk style
  5.  Tries to eat Little Mama at all and every opportunity- almost verging on the zombie spectrum of ‘baby’

Little Mama approached the Little Hulk Baby with caution. He showed signs of irritation as he banged his plastic cups of the floor and gummed his fists, arms, dogs tail etc.

She slowly came behind the  Little Hulk Baby, so as not to startle him. He froze, sensing movement and she could tell that he was ready to take another slobbery chunk out of Little Mama’s forearm. Gearing up behind him, losing all caution she opened the tube that was hidden inside her fist, (her secret weapon) and smeared a bit of gel on his gums before all fury could unleash. She waited, holding her breath and observed the beast baby before her.




Little Mama checked her ears, to see if they were functioning adequately, but alas they were! Little Hulk Baby was silent, he was eyeing her up suspiciously, intrigued by her secret weapon that provided the potion to morph Hulk back to Banner Baby again. What mystical powers did Little Mama possess?

…None essentially, but feeling proud of herself, she placed the tube back in the fridge and rejoiced in having Little Bruce Banner Baby back again…

Until 3 hours passed, the gel wore off and Hulk was UNLEASHED!


The Tally

Little Mama- SUCCESS– Hooray! Mostly unscathed, battled slobbery goo but successfully tamed the Little HULK Baby

Little Bruce Banner Lord- SUCCESS– Took chunk out of Little Mama, gums stopped tingling, got dogs tail

Little HULK Baby (in morphed state)FAIL– Only momentary meltdown achieved. Hide teething gel next time or even better, do it when out on travels.

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30 thoughts on “No.1 Parenting fear: When the Baby pulls a HULK strop

  1. Hahaha oh my goodness this is a riot! I love little hulk baby! love how you’re written this, couldnt stop reading and those images! perfect! #stayclassymama

    1. Haha thank you very much. Hulk Baby is definitely a little rascal with attitude. That’s great to hear about the pictures it’s something I’m only starting to focus on at the moment! Thank you for reading and commenting, your a star!

      1. The pics are perfect! Add graphic designer to your list of talents

  2. Ahaha this is so funny! The pictures are brilliant. Bloody teeth turning our happy little boys into Hulk babies – I am so with you there. This is written so well, love it. #StayClassyMama

    1. Thank you very much for your kind comments! Teething- the invisible plight that parents loathe! I laughed when I was editing the photos, especially the pout one- bless him! Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

  3. This is hilarious! The pictures are brill. I have an 18 month old who is just learning the finer points of ‘stropping’. Eugh.

    1. Ahh yes a master of the strop! I can only imagine what my Little Hulk Baby will be like by 18 months! 🙂 glad you enjoyed thanks for commenting

  4. OMG after James Bond, Hulk. I am laughing so much and all these pics which illustrate your text so well, I love it! I have to share it…

    1. Aww thanks! I’m so glad you enjoyed and thanks for sharing as well 🙂 Little Hulk Baby is learning the finer skills of all things SMASH after his stint of spying!

    2. Seen again with #DREAMTEAM. This face 😁😄 I can’t wait for the next episode!

  5. This is fab, make me laugh out loud! Thanks for joining us for #marvmondays

    1. Thank you I’m glad it made you smile! Little Hulk Baby loves the attention 🙂

  6. hahahaha i love this!! the way you wrote it made it so much better. love it. I also call my little man a Hulk baby but thats just because hes so crazy strong!! So cute. #fortheloveofblog

    1. Thank you I’m glad you enjoyed! The perils of teething and dealing with a Hulk Smash! haha, thanks for commenting 🙂

  7. alisonlonghurst

    Hulk Baby – legend! The photos are BRILLIANT! Love this 🙂 Alison x #DreamTeam

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  9. Ha! Loving those images! The perils of a teething baby hey! It must be horrible though – good job we don’t remember it isn’t it? Thanks for joining us on #fortheloveofBLOG x

    1. Teething baby honestly it must be horrible for them- we are still navigating the shores of teething city hopefully they make an appearance soon so little Hulk Baby can take a few days off 🙂 thanks for commenting!x

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  14. Poor thing, I hate the teething stage. They always seem so uncomfortable. Hopefully they will pop through in no time at all and Little Hulk will only make a rare appearance. Thank you for linking up to the #DreamTeam p.s LOVE those images LOL. xx

    1. The images are favorite part as well. Teething is so strange it just comes and goes but I’m lucky. The Little Hulk has spared me from too many episodes! 🙂 thanks for commenting x

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