Pick ups, bear hugs and baby: One Week Since…

The 10 month old Little Lord, sat playing on the floor next to his friend, tinkering with the mesmerising sensory board, tactfully touching and playing with textures, drumming tiny fingers over objects that chimed as his nimble little fingers grew with accurate dexterity. He watched his friend, a little girl, pull levers and was beginning to understand the cause and effect of the actions around him. He hadn’t even noticed when she walked in, he didn’t hear her Irish murmur with the ladies checking if everything had been OK, he didn’t glance up once. For what was fraught for difficulty for Little Mama just one week prior, had changed completely. He finally looked up, and seen Little Mama watching and smiling at him as he played. He dropped the chimes.

Excitement lit up his face. He couldn’t get to her fast enough, his face brimming with smiles and affection.

‘Mummy, Mummy!’

He quite liked this nursery gig, but he loved his Mummy.

Progress for Mummy

It was truthfully hard for the first few nursery sessions, (Read here: warning though, it’s an emotional one) but in hindsight, it was harder for me than it was for my son. I had various fears:

  • How would they know when he was tired?
  • What if he wouldn’t eat for them?
  • Will he take his bottle?
  • Will he sleep?
  • Will he just want his Mummy?

I realised at the centre of all these fears was the knowledge and fact that I was losing control over elements of my son’s day, and after I considered this, I set about rationalising my choice of childcare.

I had done the research, I even done an entire series on childcare: Nursery, Childminders, Nanny’s, I needed to trust my instinct. The nursery was great, the standard of childcare was the highest you could get. I needed to relinquish my control and motherly instinct and acknowledge that there were going to be parts of my son’s day that I wouldn’t know about.

The difficulties

It hasn’t all been smooth sailing, although I never thought it would be. I suppose, quite aptly, we have had some ‘teething issues’ aside from actual teething, here is what we have encountered so far:

  • Difficulty for my son to nap, the nursery has a lovely room, low lit with music/static and cot beds. I’ve brought in some transitional objects from home, like a blanket and Harry (the beloved Rabbit) to aid with sleeping. At the beginning, my son found it hard to sleep. This was due to, the environment, having other children sleeping or being put down around him, the hustle of nursery workers (no matter how quiet) tending to other children during nap time.
  • Eating, my son doesn’t like Weetabix, he’s made that very well known. He also doesn’t like the texture of noodles. My son and his nursery workers are learning about each other, this will take time. He still eats plenty, but until they know each other, this will take time.
  • Feeds, my son is breastfed, but he takes one bottle of formula whilst I’m at work, really this is to keep him going, he has more than enough calcium in his diet but he’s just not ready to drop a mid day feed. He takes a bottle when pushed, but he’s not overly fussed. This doesn’t worry me though.
  • Nappy Changes, he is a wriggly, fast, bum swivelling baby, put him on his back and hes back in crawl mode sauntering away, bare bum in air with a vest unpopped flopping around like some kind of baby kilt. The sight does make me laugh, but I’ve been told they find it difficult to get the nappy on. Honestly though? I am extremely happy that he has decided to have his daily poo at nursery. God speed to the nursery workers.
  • Sickness, I was pre-warned about this, get a few babies in a room together, all gumming toys and generally loving life, cruising and bopping about. Germs are inevitable, and I now have a little boy who has a snotty nose, and chesty cough- still smiley, but just poorly. I can’t wait for his immunity to amp up and do some germ ass kicking because the challenge of trying to get him to willingly swallow infant parcetemol is very real- he’s smart, cunning and it’s IMPOSSIBLE! (Mission Impossible ALERT?! ENTER BOND? ETHAN HAWKE BABY!….next time maybe)


The Change

  • Over the space of just one week, his sleep has really improved, he even had to be woken up from one of his naps. This has meant that he’s not over tired at night and restless. Everyone is sleeping well, which really makes a huge difference.
  • He loves to socialise, he has baby friends, he gets excited to see his friends, it’s so lovely to see.
  • He has really bonded with a few of the nursery workers, luckily for me, they adore him. I can tell by the way they cuddle around him and write about him in his diary. I often collect him unannounced and I walk in with him playing or laughing with his workers. His bond with them has allowed me to trust them.
  • Drop offs are easier, I don’t think they’ll ever be easy, but when the workers put their arms out for him, he goes willingly. He does realise Mummy or Daddy is leaving though, and a little purse of a plump bottom lip will appear, but that soon dissolves into laughter and smiles, thankfully he’s pretty easy to divert.
  • Pick ups are the best thing. If I don’t do the pick up, when my husband gets my boy home, I go out to the car and greet him, those kisses and cuddles are special, indescribable really.
  • Bear hugs. He is so affectionate, he loves his time with us. He’s playful. I think nursery is doing him so much good and I can see this already in how he acts with us. It is often said that a happy Mum is a happy home, but for us, knowing our baby boy is happy has literally made our house relax and breathe.

If you are experiencing this transitional journey in childcare let me know, how is it going? Have you found things are improving or are you having to combat certain difficulties? How do you feel about it all, is it getting easier or are you struggling? Add me on Facebook, connect with me on Twitter and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, the pictures are seriously cute!

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  1. It must be so hard. I was a SAHM until my youngest was 2 and then I was saying: get me out of here! We got an au pair and I started work. It is the relinquishing control that’s hard. It sounds as if you are both doing well and he looks gorgeously happy in the photo! Alison x #MarvMondays

  2. It’s so difficult at first! I remember my first started at 9 months and it felt too young but he thrived. They were great with him and I think it did him good to start early as now at 2, he knows everyone well and loves it. Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo

  3. I really enjoyed reading your post. I thought your post was beautifully written. Thanks for all these benefical informations.

  4. Hey first of pics all so cool 🙂 , After reading you article I remember my first year with baby. I am sure that is tough but you gonna make it for sure 🙂

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