Product Review: Sudocrem Care & Protect

Starring: Little Lord

Cameo: Little Mama

Product: Sudocrem Care & Protect



The Little Lord, who was 7 months old, lay pensive and waiting in his slumber pit. It was daybreak and he had just awoken. He let out a #squawk to make sure the parents knew he had risen. Just to be sure, as sometimes they would delay, he let out another, more piercing #squawk to let them know that their time to reach him had reduced dramatically.

He loved to spontaneously come out with a rendition of #babybeatbox, which was a delicious mixture of squeals, #cotbangs and tempered cries. Little did the parents know, they were in for a treat!

Slumber Pit Limo Service

The Little Lord paused, when he heard Little Mama enter his slumber pit. He let out a beaming smile, he just couldn’t wait to give her his gift. She looked groggy and tired, which she was clearly putting on as he had allowed her a few more seconds than usual in bed.

She lifted him from his cotjail and randomly did the #bumsniff, he wasn’t sure but he wp-1461770122992.jpg thought she gagged slightly, wretching she placed him on his changing mat. It was bum changing time!

Car Wash

The Little Lord had been experiencing some mild nappy rash, he felt the red and sting around his bum, normally a happy little chap he let out a cry to ensure Little Mama knew how to handle the situation.



**Holds breath**

The Review

Little Mama successfully retrieved the present he had left her, and smeared his bum with Sudocrem Care & Protect which always did the trick. He felt the soothing ointment on his skin and after some hours later the sore redness had vanished!

For approximately- £4.29 for 30g, and a winner of the Product of the Year 2015, Little Mama can see why it’s highly acclaimed. In the higher price range for nappy creams, it is the protective and conditioning qualities that make it a worthy addition to the changing bag,  this is proven with the Little Lord’s bum which looked much better by the next nappy change, which was thankfully without gifts! The cream is fragrant and more liquid than cream based, which was easier to apply and provided a barrier without appearing caked on everywhere.


The Little Lord looked up at Little Mama devilishly as he challenged her to a duel, and morphed into his wrestling pose, wriggling and crawling to avoid the enclosure of his nappy.

After all, he loved to keep Little Mama on her toes!


Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post, however I did receive a sample for my review courtesy of Satellite PR. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.

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  1. I flipping love sudocream. It calms them immediately if they get sore skin. Didn’t know they had a new one, will have to try xx

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