The Tantalising Teething Toy- Sophie the Giraffe: The Review

36c10099-5d56-4448-9ee7-45183cbdf626 The 8 month old Little Lord is suffering from teething of epic proportions- don’t believe me? He can show you his teething HULK SMASH skills here. He has a tooth through at the bottom, and one coming down on the top gum. It’s relentless, and painful for everyone involved until Sophie the Giraffe entered our lives.

Pre-Giraffe, a teething, slobbering HULK

I have tried everything to appease my teething HULKSTER, but I couldn’t find anything that quite did the trick. Some common teething aids are;

  • teething gels, which are great for momentary relief, but they don’t have any staying power, also if you are going down this route, make sure to choose sugar free versions!
  • milk lollies, these are also great for momentary relief, to cool the mouth down, but again, once the lolly is finished, the teething drama heats back up again. Only use milk lollies etc. supervised and if your baby is able to handle a lolly depending on how weaning is going for you.
  • amber necklaces, I haven’t tried this as I am too worried about strangling, my son is a wriggler, (he is crawling and standing) but some Mama’s do swear by them.
  • teething granules, I’ve tried these and (sugar free again!) much like the gels, they have no real staying power
  • teethers, I have several, rings, toys with nobbly bits to chew, but nothing really stuck for my Little Lord

After a bit of research (and desperation- no, seriously, his gums are angry!) I decided to purchase Sophie The Giraffe in Fresh Touch Gift Box it cost £11.20 and honestly, the Little Lord absolutely loves it! It won’t take away all the slobber and the countless number of bibs that you may need to wash, but it really does the trick on those red, swollen gums.

HULK coming to terms with Giraffe, the first meeting

The reasons why it is such an effective teether are;

  • the legs on the giraffe can be put into the mouth and really chewed on
  • the giraffe squeaks, (yes much like a dog toy, but not as annoying) and it keeps the Little Lord intrigued about where the noise is coming from- helping his motor neuron skills
  • the rubber is friendly and 100% natural, so there are no harmful chemicals getting chewed on in the process!
  • it’s hand painted and the paint used is friendly, it grabs my son’s attention, he crawls (catapults at blistering speed) towards this giraffe after his naps
  • it’s the perfect size, his hand can grip all the individual legs or head and really maneuver it into his mouth, wherever he feels the need to chew
  • it’s bendy and flexible, handy for those hard to reach places
  • easily cleaned




baby smiling and holding sophie the giraffe
A happier teething baby

There are a few cons;

  • the Little Lord seems very attached to the giraffe now, which I don’t have a problem with but other parents might
  • the paint can fade, depending on how you clean the giraffe, it’s because it’s friendly paint so I don’t mind this point
  • your baby needs grip to handle the giraffe, so perhaps not for very young babies, although I think handling the giraffe could develop those skills

This is 100% completely honest review, I purchased this item in a moment of parenting desperation and was slightly aghast at the price of it, but now, coming out of the teething fog, it’s well worth the price.


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10 thoughts on “The Tantalising Teething Toy- Sophie the Giraffe: The Review

  1. This has to be one of the best teethers I had for my little girl. I swear by this little thing. I love your honest review and I am glad that I came across your blog today…its really great! #BloggerClubUK

    1. blabbermama

      Aww thank you! I do agree, best teether I’ve came across, I’ve tried quite a few but I think it’s the shape that my son loves, that as well as chewing of course! I’ll check your blog out, thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  2. My little one loved his Sophie too. It became a standing joke to try and find Sophie in any picture taken of him, because she’d always be nearby. #BloggerClubUK

    1. blabbermama

      Haha I think we might borrow that joke, I’ve started getting really into instagram and I’m noticing that Sophie is rearing her head in most of the photos! Thanks for the comment it made me smile

  3. I have been seeing these everywhere! Thanks for the review. Mine is 4 months and teething is getting worse and the normal teething rings aren’t working so I’ll be getting one of these when he’s a little older and has better control of his hands.

    1. It really does help, I seen them everywhere as well and read a few reviews. I was a bit skeptical but it’s still working and my little one has been teething like crazy- think we are over the storm for now though! Hope your little one gets over this bout of teething soon!
      blabbermama recently posted…The Daily Blab: The spreading deficiency that YOU are suffering fromMy Profile

  4. Sophie is a very popular teething toy. My daughter has the firm version and I have yet to try it out. She’s not teething (yet!). Thanks again for linking up to #fortheloveofBLOG!
    Sarah – Mum & Mor recently posted…My Sunday Photo: Dog PhotobombMy Profile

    1. I think you have made the right choice as a teether, hopefully it’ll help when that time comes 🙂 thanks for your comment
      blabbermama recently posted…The Daily Blab: The spreading deficiency that YOU are suffering fromMy Profile

  5. do you know, we never used Sophie but I’ve heard so many rave reviews about it. Its as though every kid on the planet has one! #fortheloveofblog

    1. It’s quite funny, it’s only since I’ve been blogging that I’ve been seeing Sophie the Giraffe in a lot of blogger’s photos, it got me intrigued- so far so good at the mo, hopefully it stays that way 🙂
      blabbermama recently posted…The Daily Blab: The spreading deficiency that YOU are suffering fromMy Profile

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