The 12 Week Scan

The image filled the screen, my growing little baby, the smallest shape imaginable but it was unmistakable, after weeks of doubt and worry, I had the picture proof that I was pregnant but still the worry didn’t subside, little did I know that mummy guilt began once that pregnancy test turned positive and that there would always be something to worry about.

After the initial excitement of doing (several in my case) pregnancy tests, I couldn’t wait to let my nearest and dearest know that I was pregnant, but nobody warned me about the wait. It was a very l o n g 12 weeks and it was plagued with constant self doubt and questioning.

I went to my doctor’s surgery within the first few weeks to begin the exciting journey of pregnancy, however, I was bitterly disappointed with the lack of tangible examinations that took place. I completely understand now, after being through pregnancy, at that stage in very early pregnancy, there isn’t much that the medical profession can offer. But, for a new ‘to be’ mama, I was desperate for something tangible.

When I received my referral through the post and the date when I would see my baby on screen for the first time, I literally started the count down. I downloaded so many baby apps and checked various baby arrival calculators to try and find out some snippet of information- but of course this is all speculative until you go for your dating scan.

The Little Lord in the making

I only got to see our baby on screen for about 1-2 minutes but that made all the difference, to be told that I was pregnant, officially, and to receive a date to expect our little baby. It was real. I had the print outs showing that I was pregnant. I felt better for a few days, and then the count down until the 20 week scan commenced, the worry and the cocoon of the mama ‘to be’ began.

The 10 point First Trimester Summary

  1. Morning sickness, (I suffered until 24 weeks which I’m told is rare)
  2. Tiredness and mood swings
  3. Mixed emotions, being pregnant but not having the official picture confirmation until the end of the trimester
  4. Being pregnant but not looking pregnant, (at most I had a 12 week swollen belly which was more bloat than baby)
  5. Clothes fitting but becoming a bit more snug, like you had a Christmas dinner everyday
  6. Hiding the pregnancy news in your everyday environment and making excuses for not being able to drink alcohol
  7. The even longer wait, for the 20 week ‘anomaly scan’
  8. Finally being able to tell your family, and their reactions to your baby news
  9. The beginning of receiving advice, in some cases, unwanted- this continues throughout pregnancy, birth and into childcare
  10. Entering the second trimester, which is when your meant to glow and is the more tolerable trimester, where sleep and comfort isn’t yet compromised.

Click here for the 20 week scan


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  1. No advice here. Just congratulations 🙂

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