The Airport flushings- I’m Pregnant!

Sitting in the airport toilet, trying to squeeze the last droplets of pee from my bladder, I had discovered, yes, in fact, after 3 pregnancy tests I was pregnant.

Just had THAT feeling

When I found out I was pregnant, it wasn’t a particularly romantic affair. I used to work away from home a lot, in hindsight I should’ve known I was pregnant.

I went to a chippy whilst I was staying in a hotel after work, and tried to scoff down an extra large portion of fish and chips- with curry sauce, as fast as I could- closely followed by ‘feeling dodge’ and chuckin’ the contents of my stomach down the toilet.

After emptying not only the entire contents of my stomach, but probably the lining as well, I was feeling absolutely exhausted by 8pm. Little mama ‘to be’ was tucked up in her white cotton hotel standard duvet and in the land of nod.

The day of reckoning

It wasn’t until I was in Heathrow airport the next day, travelling home after my week slog at work, that I walked unceremoniously to the Boots after security, and purchased the pregnancy test, feeling much like a teenager trying to purchase condoms.

Sitting in the airport toilet, trying to squeeze the last droplets of pee from my bladder, I had discovered, yes, in fact, after 3 pregnancy tests I was pregnant- after dumping my empty bottle of water, many words sprung to mind at that moment, mostly rhyming with duck, followed by, that was quick. We’d only been trying for 3 weeks.

Don’t get me wrong, I feel blessed it happened so quickly, I know people struggle with fertility. However,

I am convinced I had the most welcoming albeit almost ‘slutlike’ eggs, and my husband had the most penetrable, ‘Mr Mission’ sperm.

I can’t wait to tell my son I found out about him in the bog, trying to swig as much water as I could just to try and get another test to show the first test was right, and on it continued until boarding- that’s your mama for you son!

I tried to make telling the hubby more romantic, I got him to pick me up from the airport instead of getting my usual taxi, and told him to take us to our wedding venue where we got married 2 months before. He knew something was up, maybe a promotion?

The heart attack moment?

The face when I told him I was pregnant- priceless! He couldn’t wait to tell the lads that his sperm worked, is that a macho male thing? Though he still made me pee on a stick 4 more times, and kept the first stick – not sure if that’s romantic or just disgusting.

Thought I was joking? Sadly not, here is the depository.

Nothing like keeping the human chorionic gonadotropin pee deposit on a stick for sentimental reasons, apparently that’s what the hormone’s called. Anyway the stick has since lost it’s battery, and is now just an unpowered, used pregnancy stick- yummy!


How did you find out you were pregnant mama’s? Or how did you daddies find out the big news? Comment below!


4 thoughts on “The Airport flushings- I’m Pregnant!

  1. […] the person behind the tweet. I re-posted my very first blog post on how I found out I got pregnant [here]. My husband kept my positive pregnancy test as a memento and from there Cathryn tweeted me to say […]

  2. This is a great post. I can still remember the tests i did with all three of mine – and even though I was a married woman in my thirties I still felt awkward about buying a test! Isn’t that strange!? #MarvMondays

  3. such a memorable occasion! I was 5 days late with my first and completely shocked to find out I had a + even though we weren’t not trying and pretty much same second time round. I remember each month being so sure I was PG and always getting negatives, and then the month I am SO sure I wasn’t, of course, I actually was. Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo

  4. Oh wow haha – great post!
    My first pregnancy I didn’t believe it but I was getting cramps and feeling unwell and just different.. I tested 7 days later in Tesco toilets haha .. confirmed I was pregnant {7 weeks gone}
    My second I was on the pill but missed 2 days – I honestly didn’t think I’d fall pregnant but I did! Found out in Tesco toilets again – haha – 5 weeks gone.
    My third was different. I was late .. negative tests {loads of them} went to doctors, blood test was even negative. Doctor put it down to stress in the end, although I wasn’t all that stressed. 16 days late, on a Monday, I just had that ‘feeling’ so went to buy one last pack of test… PREGNANT!


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