The Car Seat Texas holdem’

The intensity of the moment had filtered through the air. The bead of sweat was palpable, beginning to trickle down my cheek. The strategic mission of the car journey with a newborn had not been planned enough, the Chief Operatives, Mama and Dada, had failed to encompass all reasonable scenarios. The Little Lord was in a fickle mood. No preparation could’ve predicted the scene that took place. The Little Lord had looked serene, some would say peaceful. With eyelashes downcast and breathing in a slow, deep rhythm. The Chief Operatives thought the conditions were perfect. Alas, it twas not to be.

The rising Little Lord’s vocal range was impressive, though, at this moment, all we could feel was the stickiness of sweat as he wriggled and screamed- he had awoken. The car door that had been opened ever so gently, had caused minuscule vibrations to travel through the air and enter the airspace of the Little Lord. Silly Chief Operatives, we hadn’t planned for such a turn of events. Cursory glances began to increase in our direction as the Little Lord let out a battle cry. We had to be quick, but precise, we only had this one opportunity, we could not fail. The success of the mission was at stake. First arm through, next arm through, click the buckle in place, quickly! But the Little Lord was clever, he had mastered the back arch. The struggle of the car seat Texas Holdem’ had begun.

And so it continued, gone were the days that all belongings could be lifted and, in pleasant anticipation, the journey could start without further hesitation. Now, each journey would take meticulous planning of epic proportions, and then of course, adding on to the stress of the occasion, is the Little Lord who had just recently decided that being constrained in a seat, with the sole purpose of providing safety, is definitely  not something that he will submit to willingly. Submission by any standard is not the Little Lord’s forte.

Britax Car Seat.jpg
Contemplating his next move

Luckily, the Chief Operatives had a secret weapon. Strapping ourselves in for the journey, the engine roared to life. The speed gradually increased and the Little Lord’s stubborn cries had began to wain until, suddenly, the Chief Operatives thought they had gone deaf. Glancing to the Little Lord, we congratulated ourselves on our victory, for he was deep in slumber.

The Chief Operatives had accomplished their mission, we had won the first hand of the deal, that was, until the traffic lights emerged, the Little Lord became the dealer and the holdem’ raged on.

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  1. Oh man, car rides are so tough with a newborn. Even a trip to the store turns into an ordeal.
    I totally did a double take at the picture of Little Lord. He looks strikingly similar to my son at that age. I love those chubby little arms!

    1. Aww that’s cute they might be doppelgangers! Thankfully the day’s of the newborn car journeys have gone and now he quite likes to do a lazy man routine and have a good nap and snore however they do rear their head sometimes. Have a lovely day!

  2. Love it! The ol’ archy back routine is a pain.

    Our cubs are a bit older now and make a game of being able to wriggle out of their straps with a “ta da!” and are baffled as to why we’re not more proud of this. On a motorway…


    1. Thanks! Haha that did make me laugh. Little magicians! I’ve all this to look forward to, the joys/pain!

  3. Haha! Great post… we had it the opposite way round as Little Button loved the car and never wanted to get out. Gorgeous photo 😊 #DreamTeam

    1. Haha aww our little lord has his moments. He definitely likes to keep us on our toes. Thank you for your compliments 🙂

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