The Dinner Time Thieves

The gold had been gathered, after 3 meals the treasure trove was full of interesting pieces of old food, musty milk and fluff from the day’s activities. A great day spent pillaging. The Little Pirate Lord steadied his gaze upon his treasure thieving parents as he kept his trinkets hidden under his chinny chin chin.

It was the same eyeball routine from the day before. He had noticed a routine beginning to emerge. The thieving parents always tried to steal his treasure under his chin after his last tasty dinner. They colluded together, working as a team, one would try to distract me with some song or dance whilst the other swooped in, taking all my treasure with them. Sharing wasn’t frowned upon by the Little Pirate Lord, but this wet tissue like thing they used to get at his treasure was a step too far. The thieving parents didn’t even keep the treasure! They threw the hard earned gold away at the end of each day. Disposing of it as if it had no useless. Pesky parents! Yarrrrr! Shiver me timbers! 20160503_161120.jpg

The Little Pirate Lord knew the signs to look out for- the plastic chewy bib thing would be removed then they

would rustle a packet pulling out one of those wet things and try to distract me- The Little Pirate Lord, as if I didn’t know what they were up to. Haha, I would foil their plans today, and I would keep my treasure. By hook or by crook the thieves would be walking the plank today.

Thieving Mummy began to rustle the packet, this was a standard prequel to the pilfering. Thieving Daddy was doing some sort of singing tune, I couldn’t place the tune but it was something they often pulled out of the repertoire. It was so last month, really they would need to start pulling out some new tunes out of the bag! (Coming soon… The Little DJ Lord)

As thieving Mummy opened the packet I let out an almighty *ROAR*, no chance Mummy! Not today!

I could see her shuffle and sweat a little. I almost felt sorry for her but…what’s this in her hand?

Oh look she’s got my rattle!

It’s so colourful and makes loads of noise.

Oh look she’s giving me my rattle!

It tastes s o o o GOOD! But I can never get to those rattly bits inside. Look at those pretty colours though. Hold on-

My chins wet, why’s my chin wet?

Thieving Mummy was looking mighty pleased with herself. It was as if she had my…. THIEVING MUMMY GOT MY TREASURE!

No wait, she didn’t get it all, I still have a little bit. Haha! I kept some gold, to store in my treasure trove.

Hold on though…why am I nearing the sea? Wait, WAIT, WAIT why is Mummy taking my Pirate clothes off?

The Little Pirate Lord steadied himself as he began to walk the plank into the sea. Clever thieves. It was bath time. Scrub a dub dub.

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