The Little Mama’s Pyjama Day

Starring: Little Mama, Little Lord

Cameo: Post Man, Neighbour

Easing herself onto the floor, surrounded by a mirage of brightly coloured and noisy plastic toys, the Little Mama continued her crusade of making the butterfly flap and sing, playing with her son- the Little Lord. It had been 2 days since she last felt hot soapy water on her skin, and at that, showers were brief and fleeting for she always had an ear listening for the Little Lord’s squawk as he lay in slumber. The Little Mama’s hair looked suspiciously shiny, but not with the healthy shimmer and glow of shampoo and don’t even mention conditioner for those days had long past (RIP hair masks), no, the shimmer was of greasy locks that had been scraped into a ballerina bun without any of the elegance and grace of a ballerina.

The Setting

The Little Mama sat in her pyjamas with the mysterious stains of long forgotten carrot, loosely covered up by the large puff of her dressing gown. Well loved and worn slippers rested limply on her feet. Looking at her face, dark outlined eyes were apparent, this wasn’t the result of carefully applied eyeliner but instead it was the evidence of sleep deprivation carried out at the behest of the Little Lord. As the Little Mama entertained the Little Lord with nursery rhymes, her nasal voice was evident, the tell tale signs of hay fever or perhaps just a cold. The Little Mama considered her tasks and plans for the day ahead- could a pyjama day be possible?

Considering her attire and general state of affairs, the Little Mama considered the all important questions;

  • If a pyjama day was on the cards- would it be possible that she would have visitors?
  • In other words, would any other human being, apart from the Little Lord, witness the Little Mama’s less than pristine appearance?

The Little Mama contemplated the questions and decided that on the balance of probabilities and owing to her increasingly drippy nose- it could be safe to go full steam ahead with #missionpjday.

The Result

But oh how foolish she’d been, by 10am the door knocked, looking panicked, smelling suspect, appearing anything less than polished the Little Mama shuffled towards the door. A signature was required for an item, which no doubt contained an ill advised ebay bid that had been long forgotten about in the midst of mama brain and Little Lord mischief.

The post man- averting his gaze as he knew, from smell and sight, that the Little Mama had misjudged her hermit abilities for just one day. The Little Mama fumbled with the electronic pen signature, squiggling a line that didn’t resemble a single character from the alphabet.

Gesturing for the postman to leave the parcel inside the door, whilst juggling the Little Lord who found this quite amusing and had chosen this time to display his mega watt gummy smile encouraging the coos of interaction from the post man and increasing the agony for Little Mama, she was eventually able to commence the closure of the door and continue #missionpjday when a voice from her neighbour crept into her territory and trampled all over #missionpjday, it was a bust. It seemed that the Little Mama had completely misjudged her level of public undress- her inner hermit huffed.

The neighbour, of all days, required computer help. The Little Mama had previously declared that if they needed anything;

‘Just come on by.’

Well, today the neighbour obliged. The day when the house was unsavory, the Little Mama was unseemly and the Little Lord was supremely full of cheeky merriment. Catching a glimpse of herself in the mirror the Little Mama seen breakfast caught in her teeth and a new wet patch of slobber on her shoulder. Crumbs of cold, hardened toast scattered across her dressing gown, and no matter how hard she swept, the dressing gown clung to those crumbs as if they were gold. Trying to steady herself and forget her general state, the Little Mama reached for her tea cup, and swallowed a painfully cold and slightly souring mouthful- ahh yes, the forgotten tea (RIP to the forgotten tea’s of parenthood.)

The Tally

Privately stinky, lazy PJ day= FAIL
Little Lord humour rating= HIGH
Little Mama smell rating= HIGH

Potential for another attempt at privately stinky, lazy PJ day= LOW until effects of previous failure wore off.

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19 thoughts on “The Little Mama’s Pyjama Day

  1. That’s always how it is, isn’t it? You don’t get dressed because you don’t think you’re going to see anyone, and what’s when all the neighbours turn up/you have to run an errand/the postman appears. I’ve given up caring what people think at this point – stained leggings and a mum bun are where it’s at. #StayClassy

    1. This is so true, I’ve started to give up trying! The opposite is true as well, when you get all done up, have the hair in some sort of shape, have actual clean clothes on without any baby stains, and you go out for a walk etc and it’s like living in a zombie village, nobody is around to witness your triumph. Thanks for commenting today 🙂

  2. Oh that happened to me when the Tubblet was tiny! A fuse blew and I had to call an electrician as it shorted the entire house and I was too sleep deprived to work out how to fix it. I had to shower in cold water so I was fit to be seen when he arrived! Never did it again.

    1. Hahaha that is complete dedication to keeping up appearances. The things we put ourselves through just to look someway reasonable. Thanks for your comment today 🙂

  3. Oh this really made me giggle! I love the way you write – you have an incredible style – do you write fiction at all? If not, you must – amazing storytelling. I always shy away from being brave enough for pyjama days because of your aforementioned reasons – love the fact that the neighbour took you up on your offer that very day. Wonderful read and I look forward to reading more of your posts #stayclassy

    1. You are so unbelievably kind thank you very much. I haven’t wrote anything before I started this blog 2 weeks ago. I’d love to write fiction I’ve just never had the confidence to try but comments like yours help me everyday. It was typical about the neighbour, she was fully dressed, looked nice etc and stayed for nearly an hour whilst I tried to cover stains and tame my hair. Safe to say I get dressed and look clean most days (depending on the mood of the little lord and whether he wants to eat his food or cover me with his food) thanks for reading today 🙂

      1. wow that’s unbelievable – well done you! I think you write brilliantly and loved the pace – welcome to the world of blogging – i still feel like a newbie and am 5 months in – it’s the most welcoming community I’ve ever been in – enjoy lovely and shout if you ever need any help xx

  4. Oh isn’t that always the way when you decide that you can get away with a pyjama day? Those early days though of sleep deprivation and trying just to get through the days as best you can are so hard and we’ve certainly all had similar days to the one you’ve so wonderfully described.

    1. BlabberMama

      Aww thank you for your kind comment and taking the time to read. It is always typical when you look less than your best. And your right in the early days it’s hard to even know what day of the week it is! Hope you have a fab day 🙂 and that your next #missionpjday is more successful than mine!

  5. What a lovely story! Very well written, love it. : ) Damn those Teas that always get cold! I’m sorry the postman AND your neighbour showed up on #missionPJday, we all need one of these days! Thanks so much for linking up with #StayClassy!

    1. Thank you very much! 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed. I know I think the tea is really the victim of the story haha. Love linking up to #StayClassy

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  7. It’s always the way. If you’d have been all polished and smelling sweet, not one soul would have popped by. PJ days are a woman’s need, my husband never understands how (usually in the winter), me and my daughter can spend the day in PJs. It’s a girlie thing for sure… You will drink nice hot tea again, maybe not for a while, but it will happen.


    1. I agree I think it is a girly thing! The days when I do get my hair dried and look half decent there never is a soul around! I wish a hot tea calender existed so I could count down the days! Haha. Thanks for your comment and for reading 🙂 xx

  8. So typical! I know this feeling – PJS on – shall I put on bra, shall I? – no ones going to knock on the door – well of course they do! Its like the Universe knows! #stayclassy

  9. That always happens doesn’t it! Great that you can have a laugh about it 🙂 I am sure the postman has seen much worse hehe. #DreamTeam

    1. It seems to happen on the day’s you definitely want to avoid! I’m hoping the post man has recovered as it was quite a sight!

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