The Little Vampire Lord vs. The Sun

The temperature was soaring with a dry musky heat rising. There were no clouds in sight, no cover from the overwhelming conditions. The giant fire in the sky seemed to direct all it’s fury towards the Little Vampire Lord. It was unexpected but today he would have to come face to face with his arch nemesis. It was the Little Vampire Lord vs. The Sun.

The Little Vampire Lord let out a grumble and put his trusty rattle in his mouth, readying himself for the hunt. His grumbling grew ever louder. There were two conditions that a Little Vampire Lord cannot stand.

  • The unyielding sun
  • The growing fangs that were yet to emerge

Gnawing at his rattle the Little Vampire Lord could not satisfy his craving. He had tried to attack human mummy and daddy just moments before. He had successfully placed human mummy’s hand in his mouth and bit down hard. He couldn’t understand why human mummy was shrieking. He hadn’t even drawn any blood… she could be a dramatic human mummy at times! If he could’ve just chewed her hand a little bit longer then he could’ve satisfied his craving.

The Little Vampire Lord directed human daddy to place him in the shaded corner of the garden with a series of vampy grunts. If he had the choice he would’ve much preferred to be in his lordship’s castle, but the humans were stubborn and persistent- they weren’t behaving today. Shrieking and hiding the Little Vampire Lord was successfully, (although with great difficulty and concentration), avoiding the sunlight and certain doom. When the sun edged ever closer he made sure to alert the human parents for they often needed to be reminded. Honestly, parental boot camp was in order, he was planning the cunning ways to curb their stubborn behaviour, the Little Vampire Lord would soon throw in a few curve balls, such as a few midnight wakening’s and grumblings of displeasure just to keep the human parents in check. It was always best to keep them on their toes.

The sun was lurking above and the hunt continued. He lay in his shaded den, shrouding himself in the darkest corner of the garden. He surveyed the hunting ground, watching the humans walk around, and unbeknownst to them, he conducted a survey to determine which human would become his prey. The sun threatened to shine on him in a moments notice. He had to keep his wits about him. And although his premature fangs hurt and needed to erupt. He contained the tingling in his gums. The Little Vampire Lord contemplated his options.

Considering his options

He could;

  1. Let out a roar to make his human parents remove him from the situation and try to grab a sneaky chunk out of them. Or;
  2. Quietly contemplate how he was going to conquer the sun through an array of pre- crawling movements and shimmy his way to his chosen prey.

He decided that on this occasion, option 2 would be best, he couldn’t trust the human parents to remove him from the situation as they were yet to be transfixed by his vampiric gaze, plus human mummy was now suspicious from his earlier chomp. He tried the sky dive, the dead man’s drag and the half push up. The beam of sun light edged closer to the Little Vampire Lord’s shoulder until suddenly it made contact with his pale skin. He expected instant spontaneous combustion and yelled out for the humans to protect. But combustion didn’t occur.

The Little Vampire Lord was surprised at this turn of events. He had conquered the sun. Now for the fangs-

Hold on…

Was that human daddy’s ankles just sitting there ripe for the nibbling? His gums began to tingle in anticipation as a gummy smile emerged. It was time to spread the vampire hunger.

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