The Little Wrestler Lord’s Nappy Training Regime

The Little Wrestler Lord practiced his manoeuvres with speed and growing accuracy. The adjudicator parents had became accustomed to the fledgling and unexpected practice sessions of the Little Wrestler Lord. It had been nearly 3 hours since his last nappy change. The slam dunk and quick draw fire round was due to commence it was uncertain who would win before the countdown, would it be a total knockout?

Put em’ up!

The Warm Up

He flipped around at an alarmingly fast rate, shoving his bum into the air. Worryingly the adjudicators had just started to loosen the nappy tabs.

The Little Wrestler Lord was clearly competing for Olympic trials. The adjudicators scrambled to intervene but the Little Wrestler Lord had grown powerful and agile. The nappy tabs gave way under the strain of the Little Wrestler Lord’s wriggling movements. With the nappy off he was free to perform a range of mixed martial art moves at a startling pace. The adjudicators were at an advantage, as a team they could surely curtail the escapades of the Little Wrestler Lord.

Round One

First up, adjudicator daddy grappled with the Little Wrestler Lord’s legs to try and insert a nappy under his bum. It was going so well, the Little Wrestler Lord was nearly sealed in the corner (and into his nappy) but suddenly, playing dirty, he brought his water pistol out, and saturated adjudicator daddy- daddy was knocked out.

Round Two

Tagging adjudicator mummy in, she ambled up to the Little Wrestler Lord, sniffing as she went, she knew that the rules had changed, and the Little Wrestler Lord was prepared to throw all the punches to get out of the nappy restraints. Avoiding the splashes of urine as she went, adjudicator mummy pulled out the Little Wrestler Lord’s favourite toy of the week, his rattle. Shaking it gently and putting it within arms reach of the Little Wrestler Lord’s grasp she was able to distract Little Wrestler Lord enough to get the nappy sealed shut around him and successfully avoided the great fire of the rear cannon. Adjudicator daddy looked on, slightly woozy from the water pistol round, and also smelling highly suspect.

The Final Count?

The final adjudication – Safe to say, this was a draw.

Looking pleased with herself, adjudicator mummy gave herself a pat on the back, but reminded herself, that once the Little Wrestler Lord could crawl, the game would reach another level….we had only reached wrestler training, soon the Little Wrestler Lord was heading for an all out Olympics. Not even taking into consideration the further levels of toilet training- the sweat from the adjudicators, even thinking about the future scenarios was enough to confirm that the adjudicators would require further training, who knew what the Little Wrestler Lord had under his sleeve, (or nappy)…*gulp* 

The Award Ceremony

Adjudicator mummy received her medal (a gummy smile from the Little Wrestler Lord)

Adjudicator daddy received some shower gel and a fresh towel- adjudicator mummy also swiftly and unseen, sprayed some air freshener around daddy. The water pistol had been surprisingly accurate.

Level 1 squirmy Lord nappy training- complete!

***Loading Level 2*** Crawling Lord nappy training here

Momsterslink ~ May 5, 2016

6 thoughts on “The Little Wrestler Lord’s Nappy Training Regime

  1. Haha! Awesome! Our little guy has just learned the joy of flipping over suddenly while getting diaper changes. I am constantly distracting him or wrestling him into a clean diaper.

    1. Haha I think they like to keep us on our toes and see us move really fast. Sometimes he giggles when I struggle to pin him in. I can only imagine what potty training will be like!

  2. Oh I remember these days like they were yesterday. I always had poop on me and was changing mine and their clothes constantly. I love how you have written this…very clever! Thanks for linking with #momsterslink do hope you will join us again today. It opens in 2 hours. :))

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