The Top 15 firsts of babies in 0-6mths

It’s hard to believe how fast time goes by, it has been 6 months since the birth of our Little Lord, Elijah. Over this time I have been able to witness him grow and become a little baby full of personality. The milestones and firsts we have witnessed so far have been amazing, and there are so many more to look forward to. The Little Lord has accomplished so much, this list isn’t definitive but here are my top 15 first’s so far. What are yours?


  1. The very first time he latched on properly
  2. The first journey home from the hospital
  3. His first grasp of our finger
  4. His very first baby smile
  5. The first time he realised he loved the bath and being in water see The Little Viking Lord’s bath ship quest
  6. His first hearty laugh and giggle
  7. His first tickles
  8. His first roll (and the look of accomplishment)
  9. The first time he slept in his own bedroom
  10. The first time he slept through the night
  11. The first time he pulled himself up
  12. The first time he had his taste of solid food see The Little Lord’s Feast
  13. The first time he sat up
  14. The first time he cuddled us back
  15. The first time he attempted to crawl

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