What do you crave?

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Crunch…MUNCH…swallow, shovel….Crunch….MUNCH!

Sitting there with her fluffy slippers on, dressing gown draped over her shoulders, a once over-sized T-Shirt that was newly feeling stress at the seams and a baggy pair of bottoms that sat under the ever growing bump. She had made herself yet another bowl of cereal. Her favourite of the week was Coco Pops, the packet felt suspiciously light, she didn’t share her Coco Pops, not in her delicate pregnant state. She grew emotional as she realised that she may not have enough Coco Pops to get through to 3rd breakfast tomorrow. Clasping the packet she waddle-shuffled into the living room to confront Little Daddy about the mysterious lack of Coco Pops.

During my pregnancy with the Little Lord, I had various cravings to satisfy. They changed on a daily basis. I was also quite emotionally attached to my cravings and would get upset when certain cravings were not met. Looking back now I’m not sure how Little Daddy coped living with Little Monster Mama

Scones: Before pregnancy I never bothered with scones, but one day I woke up wanting jam and cream on a scone. How very English! We were doing some clothes shopping and I stropped when Little Daddy suggested we buy scones from the supermarket and wait until we got home. WAIT haha that didn’t happen. A strop with a few tears and 5 minutes later googling the nearest Starbucks I was busy scoffing my face with my delicate English treat. Forever known as #sconegate

Cornflakes: Pre- Pregnancy and hormonal mess I never had time or cared for breakfast, naughty I know! But when pregnancy struck it was cornflakes, usually with milk, but sometimes handfuls- dry and straight down the hatch. This obsession continued until one day I tried to combine chocolate and cornflakes…it got messy. I moved onto another cereal

Coco pops: My beloved, Little Daddy thought we were having an affair, the chocolatey crunch of deliciousness. This ticked all the boxes during pregnancy although now I couldn’t imagine stomaching a bowl. This was an obsessive craving. I cleared a box a week, maybe 2. One time a shop didn’t sell Coco Pops, that was a bad day in pregnancy land. And let’s not forget when Little Daddy had the cheek of eating from my box- trying to impose sharing.


Shortbread: Also very British. I devoured shortbread of the all butter variety (hmmm the buttery soft goodness, whoever thought food could be so sensual?) With hot chocolate as I could no longer drink tea which was my pregnancy aversion. I still love a good piece of shortbread. I’m getting myself hungry now…

McFlurries: The cold and creamy ice cream. With chocolate of sorts- usually smarties but sometimes I would go off piste and indulge in one of McDonald’s limited edition variety. This was a particularly risky move in pregnancy due to the risk of ‘limited edition attachment syndrome’

Lucuzade: This was practical as I felt it helped with my epic morning sickness. I had to cut myself off though after a while, it literally flowed through my veins. I can’t even smell this stuff now.

Pregnancy cravings are hardly something you’d see on Masterchef or the like, but daaaam they’re good!


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  1. I’m with you on the Coco Pops! I never ate them before I fell pregnant and now in week 36 I’m still chowing down on them most mornings. I don’t even really like them!

    1. I know it’s so strange. I can’t have them now I completely sickened myself during pregnancy. 36 weeks your so very nearly there! Congrats and best of luck 🙂 thanks for commenting and make sure to indulge your cravings for the last few weeks!

  2. I’m jealous. I’m 32 weeks pregnant and haven’t experienced any cravings. I thought it would be cool to hanker after something really out there, or some unusual food combinations. I am experiencing a general overeating of sweet treats but I’m not fussy. Cake, chocolate, sweets, all seem to do the trick!
    Oh, unless you count the fact I’ve been craving Prosecco – but I have to accept the fact it’s a desire I can only indulge occasionally and in very small quantities. Bring on baby so I can have a glass of fizz!

    1. Oh I got really irrational sometimes and I’m a really laid back kind of girl. Was so out of character! But wow I hear you on the prosecco front. That would often be my tipple of choice- you don’t have long now though your on the run down. Thank you for commenting 🙂

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